A Quilt Story

Tic Tac Toe – A Quilt for Baby Violet

Here’s a quilt for the newest addition to my family, my niece, Violet. She should be making her appearance very soon! I’m super excited about having another niece (I only have one niece but 10 nephews!!)

I used the blocks I made/received during my month as Queen Bee, June 2016. I selected the tic tac toe block and 11 wonderful ladies made 12 blocks in the colors I selected. I made the first 8 blocks myself. This is my first March finish but Finish #5 for 2017! I’m getting these WIP’s done!


The quilt finishes as 48’x 60′ – just perfect for a baby quilt!


I selected this Carousel fabric from Dear Stella designs for the back. It uses several of the colors from the front of the quilt but I just had to have the carousels when I decided to make this a baby blanket. I’ve hoarded this fabric from back before I even made quilts! As you can see, I had to piece the back so I used a navy pin dot to go along with it.


I used some of my favorite Blueberry Park marine fabric for the binding. I love how this quilt looks girly without being your traditional baby girl colors. I think that’s going to be right down my sister-in-law’s alley!


And look at this sweet photo bomber!!


I outline quilted each row of blocks for a simple grid pattern.


Here’s a close up of some of the fabrics…


Gotta love those low volumes as a background. I’m obsessed with this look!!


Now I’m just sitting back and waiting on the call that Miss Violet has arrived! I cannot wait to meet her!


A Quilt Story

One Monthly Goal – March

I’m going to join in Elem Street One Monthly Goal! I’ve linked up with monthly goal setting before and it was a great way to motivate me to finish a project every month!

So, here’s the plan for March. I want my January beehive quilt done!


I had plans to quilt it over Mardi Gras break but I did not have enough backing fabric so I quilted my Fizzy Quilt instead! Now it’s time to get this one done. I have the fabric I need so I have no excuse!

I’m excited about getting this one done!

Check out other goals for March at the march link up here!


A Quilt Story

Fizzy Quilt – A Finished Quilt

So back in the spring of 2016 I decided I would finally sew some curved blocks. I intended to just do enough for a pillow – curves were intimidating!! I made the fizzy block ( a variation of a drunkard’s path) from Blossom Heart Quilts. As you can see, mine didn’t line up perfectly but it was my first curved block so I’m cutting myself a bit of slack.


I was going to sew it up into a pillow but thought, “The repeat for this block is amazing…maybe make four blocks and make a large pillow.” I ended up making six.


And I decided, what the heck…make a quilt! I’m so glad I decided to! Almost a year later, I have 30 blocks and I finally finished!


Some of my circles lined up better than others for sure. I love how making the circles one color (instead of two – which is also amazing) makes the block look like a flower with a purple center.


I am very fond of using low volume fabrics for the background fabric in a quilt. I think I had a pretty good mix of low volumes in this one. I keep joking that in years to come, the low volume background is going to be a way to date our quilts. I can just hear my grand-kids saying, “I wonder why grandma used all these prints with text on it??”


I also used the very last bits of one of my favorite low volume prints ever…this print with the words to Starlight, Star Bright on it. It’s leftover bits from back in my children’s clothing sewing days! I used it on an apron dress that was just adorable!

Backing and binding are Moda Grunge fabrics I got on sale this week at my local quilt shop. The backing is a wide back and my very first time using wide back. Oh my goodness…love not piecing the back! I really loved the deep purple grunge for the binding as well!


Here’s a bunch more pictures to show the fabrics…




Oh, this is also my first quilt finish for February. Quilt #4 for 2017 (which means I’ve now made more quilts in 2017 than I did in 2016!)


I love how this quilt turned out. I also love all the purples in it. At the beginning of 2016 I noticed I had very little orange or purple in my stash. I intentionally tried to build those colors in my stash so I now have a pretty decent selection of purples! It was fun to put them in this quilt! (Now I need to work on yellows and reds!)


The final measurements of the quilt are 60″ x 72″, so it’s a nice sized throw quilt. Each block was 12.5″ unfinished and 12″ finished.


And one last look!




A Quilt Story

Quilt in Progress

Just wanted to share this gorgeous quilt top I’m getting ready to baste and quilt. I just need my local quilt shop to open up on Wednesday so I can get some backing fabric!!


This quilt top is the result of being Queen Bee in the Blossom Heart Quilting bee! Eleven lovely ladies sent me two blocks each and I made an additional eight blocks. Each block is 12.5 inches so the finished quilt is 60 inches x 72 inches – perfect for a throw quilt on the couch! I’m super pleased with how this turned out and cannot wait to get it quilted!

Hopefully, I’ll post this as a completed quilt soon!


A Quilt Story

Pam Kitty Card Quilt

This is the third and final quilt I completed in January 2017. That means I made as many quilts in January 2017 as I did in the entire year 2016. Maybe I can keep my mojo going for a bit (although you better not expect three quilts a month!)

When I first began quilting in 2014, I stitched two Jelly Roll Race quilt tops in two days. I realized I’d caught quilting fever but didn’t want to only make Jelly Roll Race Quilts. (One of those is still a quilt top but the other can be found here.) I looked at my fabric stash, all collected for the express purpose of making little girls clothes and landed on a one yard bundle of Pam Kitty Morning fabrics by Lakehouse Goods. It was about ten different fabrics, mostly pinks, a few yellows. I grabbed the fabrics and drove to my local quilt shop to speak to the owner.

After telling her how much I loved quilting but that I needed to branch out, she handed me a quilting magazine with a pattern called Christmas Cards. (I honestly cannot remember if it was a Quilting Quickly or a Quilty magazine.) I adapted the pattern to use 10″ squares of fabric and using white background fabric used the four at a time method for making half square triangles. I think each half square triangle ended up finishing at 6.5″ (and I’m too lazy to actually go measure right now.)

I sewed in a frenzy for days – this was no Jelly Roll Race for sure! Still, I had the blocks made and pieced in a week. I then folded the quilt up and put it away. I had no backing fabric and at the time I assumed I needed yardage of the same fabric from the same line I’d been using.

I ended up using a few fabrics not used in the front along with some more fabric I ordered to piece a back for this quilt – two years later! Last spring, I sandwiched the quilt, rolled it up and still, it sat and sat and sat.

During our MLK holiday this year, I pulled it out and told my family it was time to finish it. It took me a week to quilt it but I finally finished! Now that I’m done I wonder why I put off finishing it so long. It’s not my typical bright colors but I love all the pretty pinks and florals!


It’s also larger than most of the throw sized quilts I seem to make these days!

Here’s a close up of the fabrics.


And even closer…



I saved the text print for binding. This was almost made into an apron many times. My procrastination saved it for this quilt! (It would make a great apron though!)


Here’s the pieced backing!


And that’s it! All done. Quilt #3 for 2017! Yay!




A Quilt Story

High Five Quilt

So, I hopped on here to post about my 3rd (and final) January quilt finish and realized I never posted my second!! I’m really going to have to nail down some blog time soon. It’s nice finishing things faster than I can blog about it though. So, after this I have another quilt to post about as well as a post at some point (hopefully) dedicated to my mini quilt swaps and bee blocks! January was a pretty productive quilting month this year!

But on to the good stuff. I finally finished my High Five Quilt that I began working on when I was pregnant in 2015. I began it because I wanted to play with scraps and needed a break from working on the quilts I was making my kids for Christmas. 2016 was a slow year as far as quilts go. The baby needed a lot of attention and well, she’s the last so I needed to give it! Funny how quickly things are changing. She still takes up a lot of time but she nap times and sleeping through the night help free up some time for quilting.

So, here’s my High Five in all her colorful, scrappy glory!


Isn’t she lovely???

This was such a fun quilt to play with scraps! Sometimes the girls would pick out color combos for me and just stack them by my machine while I pieced the blocks. I love that they are interested in sewing and quilting! Hopefully, I am passing the love of handmade items on in my family!

I also really love the combination of small and large blocks in this quilt! Scrappy, bright and colorful really is my favorite.


This is another quilt from my often mentioned favorite quilting book Sunday Morning Quilts. What? You don’t have that book? Seriously, order is now! You will not regret it! (I promise I do not get paid to say that – I just seriously love that book!) Anyway, it’s written by the amazing Amanda of Crazy Mom Quilts and Cheryl of CherylArkison.com.


Honestly, I cannot remember where I got this backing fabric. It’s something I ordered in a clearance sale but it goes with this quilt marvelously! I used my darning foot to quilt some loopy lines. I think this is one of my favorite quilt ways to quilt. Heavens knows I cannot do anything too fancy!


The binding is actually scrappy but all black and whites.


This quilt is already a favorite around the house!



And yes, this is normal January attire for the Mississippi Gulf Coast! Don’t worry, we’ll need jackets in a few days. We have some crazy weather around here!





A Quilt Story

First Finish of 2017 – Scrap Vortex

So, I finished my very first quilt of 2017 on January 1st! My Scrap Vortex quilt!


I began working on this sometime in 2015 and wasn’t even sure what I was going to do with the blocks. I just began sewing fabric scraps together. Not long after I began that, I found the tutorial for Amanda’s Scrap Vortex quilt over at Crazy Mom Quilts. The quilt along was over and I may have done my steps a bit different but it pretty much was the same idea so I decided to make my improv blocks into a scrap vortex quilt!

I certainly didn’t work on this all at one time. I would work on it between projects when I wanted a project where I didn’t have to check measurements, worry about what color to grab, and just wanted some soothing sewing. I would make a block or two (I even made those in different sizes – whatever I felt like at the time!) here and there for over a year!

Over Christmas break I pulled the blocks out and started putting them together, filling in sections that needed connecting – it was like putting a puzzle together. Then I had the bright idea to get each of my kids (except the baby!) to do a part. Rebekah, Landon and Gabby all made 12 x 12 blocks, Shiloh stitched a long skinny piece and Daunte made a bunch of four patches. I added all their bits into the quilt!

I finished the quilt top on New Years Eve and quilted and put the binding on New Years Day! It was lovely finishing a quilt up on the first day of the year!

I only got around to taking photographs today.




I even pieced the back with odd bits of leftover fabric from other projects…


And of course, the binding had to be scrappy! I used almost all my leftover binding from other quilting projects. I wasn’t sure about scrappy binding on a scrappy quilt to start with. I thought it might be a bit much but I do love the final outcome!img_0154

And it happens to already be a favorite quilt around the house!




Also, the weather was beautiful today!!

I actually finished another work in progress this morning so stay tuned for pictures of it soon!