A Quilt Story

Pam Kitty Card Quilt

This is the third and final quilt I completed in January 2017. That means I made as many quilts in January 2017 as I did in the entire year 2016. Maybe I can keep my mojo going for a bit (although you better not expect three quilts a month!)

When I first began quilting in 2014, I stitched two Jelly Roll Race quilt tops in two days. I realized I’d caught quilting fever but didn’t want to only make Jelly Roll Race Quilts. (One of those is still a quilt top but the other can be found here.) I looked at my fabric stash, all collected for the express purpose of making little girls clothes and landed on a one yard bundle of Pam Kitty Morning fabrics by Lakehouse Goods. It was about ten different fabrics, mostly pinks, a few yellows. I grabbed the fabrics and drove to my local quilt shop to speak to the owner.

After telling her how much I loved quilting but that I needed to branch out, she handed me a quilting magazine with a pattern called Christmas Cards. (I honestly cannot remember if it was a Quilting Quickly or a Quilty magazine.) I adapted the pattern to use 10″ squares of fabric and using white background fabric used the four at a time method for making half square triangles. I think each half square triangle ended up finishing at 6.5″ (and I’m too lazy to actually go measure right now.)

I sewed in a frenzy for days – this was no Jelly Roll Race for sure! Still, I had the blocks made and pieced in a week. I then folded the quilt up and put it away. I had no backing fabric and at the time I assumed I needed yardage of the same fabric from the same line I’d been using.

I ended up using a few fabrics not used in the front along with some more fabric I ordered to piece a back for this quilt – two years later! Last spring, I sandwiched the quilt, rolled it up and still, it sat and sat and sat.

During our MLK holiday this year, I pulled it out and told my family it was time to finish it. It took me a week to quilt it but I finally finished! Now that I’m done I wonder why I put off finishing it so long. It’s not my typical bright colors but I love all the pretty pinks and florals!


It’s also larger than most of the throw sized quilts I seem to make these days!

Here’s a close up of the fabrics.


And even closer…



I saved the text print for binding. This was almost made into an apron many times. My procrastination saved it for this quilt! (It would make a great apron though!)


Here’s the pieced backing!


And that’s it! All done. Quilt #3 for 2017! Yay!




A Quilt Story

High Five Quilt

So, I hopped on here to post about my 3rd (and final) January quilt finish and realized I never posted my second!! I’m really going to have to nail down some blog time soon. It’s nice finishing things faster than I can blog about it though. So, after this I have another quilt to post about as well as a post at some point (hopefully) dedicated to my mini quilt swaps and bee blocks! January was a pretty productive quilting month this year!

But on to the good stuff. I finally finished my High Five Quilt that I began working on when I was pregnant in 2015. I began it because I wanted to play with scraps and needed a break from working on the quilts I was making my kids for Christmas. 2016 was a slow year as far as quilts go. The baby needed a lot of attention and well, she’s the last so I needed to give it! Funny how quickly things are changing. She still takes up a lot of time but she nap times and sleeping through the night help free up some time for quilting.

So, here’s my High Five in all her colorful, scrappy glory!


Isn’t she lovely???

This was such a fun quilt to play with scraps! Sometimes the girls would pick out color combos for me and just stack them by my machine while I pieced the blocks. I love that they are interested in sewing and quilting! Hopefully, I am passing the love of handmade items on in my family!

I also really love the combination of small and large blocks in this quilt! Scrappy, bright and colorful really is my favorite.


This is another quilt from my often mentioned favorite quilting book Sunday Morning Quilts. What? You don’t have that book? Seriously, order is now! You will not regret it! (I promise I do not get paid to say that – I just seriously love that book!) Anyway, it’s written by the amazing Amanda of Crazy Mom Quilts and Cheryl of CherylArkison.com.


Honestly, I cannot remember where I got this backing fabric. It’s something I ordered in a clearance sale but it goes with this quilt marvelously! I used my darning foot to quilt some loopy lines. I think this is one of my favorite quilt ways to quilt. Heavens knows I cannot do anything too fancy!


The binding is actually scrappy but all black and whites.


This quilt is already a favorite around the house!



And yes, this is normal January attire for the Mississippi Gulf Coast! Don’t worry, we’ll need jackets in a few days. We have some crazy weather around here!





A Quilt Story

First Finish of 2017 – Scrap Vortex

So, I finished my very first quilt of 2017 on January 1st! My Scrap Vortex quilt!


I began working on this sometime in 2015 and wasn’t even sure what I was going to do with the blocks. I just began sewing fabric scraps together. Not long after I began that, I found the tutorial for Amanda’s Scrap Vortex quilt over at Crazy Mom Quilts. The quilt along was over and I may have done my steps a bit different but it pretty much was the same idea so I decided to make my improv blocks into a scrap vortex quilt!

I certainly didn’t work on this all at one time. I would work on it between projects when I wanted a project where I didn’t have to check measurements, worry about what color to grab, and just wanted some soothing sewing. I would make a block or two (I even made those in different sizes – whatever I felt like at the time!) here and there for over a year!

Over Christmas break I pulled the blocks out and started putting them together, filling in sections that needed connecting – it was like putting a puzzle together. Then I had the bright idea to get each of my kids (except the baby!) to do a part. Rebekah, Landon and Gabby all made 12 x 12 blocks, Shiloh stitched a long skinny piece and Daunte made a bunch of four patches. I added all their bits into the quilt!

I finished the quilt top on New Years Eve and quilted and put the binding on New Years Day! It was lovely finishing a quilt up on the first day of the year!

I only got around to taking photographs today.




I even pieced the back with odd bits of leftover fabric from other projects…


And of course, the binding had to be scrappy! I used almost all my leftover binding from other quilting projects. I wasn’t sure about scrappy binding on a scrappy quilt to start with. I thought it might be a bit much but I do love the final outcome!img_0154

And it happens to already be a favorite quilt around the house!




Also, the weather was beautiful today!!

I actually finished another work in progress this morning so stay tuned for pictures of it soon!



A Quilt Story

2016 Quilting Goals Revisited

Well, I’ll admit I was not looking forward to reading my 2016 goals. I know I fell short for many of them. I was surprised I had as many as I did though. For some silly reason I thought I’d be able to quilt like I had in the past with a baby in the house. Ha!

So, here’s my review.

  1. Participate in a Quilting Bee.

I did this! It was a blast. I joined a Blossom Heart Beehive and I loved it. I’m now swarm mama to a new hive this year so definitely doing this one again! (I may be in a few more as well! Yikes! Quilting Bee addiction!) Here’s some of the blocks for my quilt (that has not been sewn yet!)


2. Make a few traditional block quilts.

Yeah…didn’t do this one! At all. Didn’t begin it – nothing!

3. Work on paper piecing.

I did do some paper piecing. A few of my bee blocks were paper pieced and I did a few other projects as well. Nothing huge but at least I’m working on it in bits. I call this one done!

Here are two of my paper pieced bee blocks!

2016-11-21-14-52-392016-05-01 20.50.27


4. Work on curved piecing.

Hey, I made a flimsy with curved pieces. I love it too. Technically, it needs some work. Curves are tough. I got better as it went though so I hope as I do more curved piecing in the future my technique improves. I just need to order the very specific fabric I really want to back it with so I can finish it! Here’s the top!


5. Complete 5 unfinished projects.

Ha. Hahaha. I finished two unfinished projects. They were my daughter’s Riding Hood Quilt and my aunt’s April Showers Giggle Box Quilt. I’ll do better next year!



6. Make more quilts this year than I did in 2015.

Yeah, this one didn’t happen either. Good news is that if I make this one of my 2017 goals it should be pretty easy! I only completed three quilts in 2016. The two I posted above and one more – a Bartholomew’s Reef Charm Quilt for my newest wee nephew! (Made a cute diaper bag too!)


7. Participate in more online quilting events.

This I did do!! I was in a quilting bee, I participated in a scrappy trip along blog swap, Dwell block swap, scrap mini quilt swap, Amy Butler mini quilt swap, Fall mini quilt swap…I cannot remember if that is all or not. I did very little blogging about any of it though – my blog was sadly neglected most of 2016. Hopefully that will improve as well. Here are some of my swap blogs/mini quilts.





8. Create a few holiday quilts. I love the idea of holiday quilts but so far, we have none. Zero. Zilch. I think 2016 is the year to change that. I’m not promising a quilt for every holiday but I want to start making a few each year until I do have one for each holiday. I really hope to get at least a Saint Patrick’s Day Quilt (hey it could be an Irish Chain and that would help me with #2) and a Christmas quilt complete. More would be great.

Well, I started a Valentine’s Day quilt but I’m not crazy about how it’s going so there is that. I didn’t do any other holiday quilts. I did make a stinkin’ cute Thanksgiving pillow that I love. 🙂


9. Make an I Spy Quilt.

Nope. Didn’t do it.

10. Work on organizing my sewing area(s).

I did this a bit but it needs a lot more attention. To be fair, this will be an ongoing thing for the rest of my life. I am not sure it will ever be completely done. I did reorganize my scraps into something more manageable. I still need to work on the overall organization of my areas.



A Quilt Story

Queen Bee January

I’m super excited to be participating in the Blossom Heart Bee Hive for 2017! 2016 was my first time participating and it was a wonderful experience! This year, I’ve become the Hive Mama of my very own swarm and I’m also Queen Bee for January! (I had many swarm members request not to have January and after this rush of a holiday I really can see why!) I do however, have my blocks and colors ready to share with my swarm! I may or may not have spent the entire day neglecting much needed housework to get it all together…

That being said, the rest of this post is directed to my swarm members.

My January Queen Bee last year selected the Quartrefoil block as her bee block. I remember thinking that it just wasn’t my favorite block. I’d seen it in repeat (mostly with a computer graphic) and out of the different blocks I was toying over for my own choice, Quartrefoil just wasn’t moving me. Then I began seeing a few completed quilts. My goodness! It was one of those cases where I had a totally different idea of how it would look. My friend and former swarm member, Patti, made this gorgeous one that is all over Pinterest right now! It’s exciting to see such a lovely quilt with a few of my blocks in it! I was totally wrong about it.

So, in the end, I decided, I wanted, nay, I needed, a Quartrefoil quilt of my very own. You can find the block tutorial here.


I did think of my mother when deciding this color scheme. She loves blue. Blue on blue on blue on blue. Blue makes her happy in every form and fashion. I grew up in a house decorated with mostly blue. She has blue dishes, a blue Christmas tree, blue walls, blue carpet…you get the idea.

So, in honor of my mother, I’m choosing blue! Everything blue or blueish works! I’ve set up a pinterest board with an insane amount of blue items because I never do things by halves and tend go a bit crazy! Anything on the board works as far as color goes! Please do not stress over color selection. If you would sort it into the blue family it works! You will see I strayed a bit from just true blue and have lots of blueish colors represented as well. I’m giving you the freedom to pick which blue goes where except for the navy. I assigned it a particular spot in the block. However, the other two prints can be any blue from cobalt to powder blue, aqua to cerulean, turquoise to cornflower! I hope you can use fabrics you have on hand!

Here are my color assignments:

Print A – any blue, turquoise, teal or aqua (except navy)

Print B – any blue, turquoise, teal or aqua that contrasts nicely with print A (except navy)

Print C– navy

Background – low volume – white or cream

I love lots of fabric styles but I’m wanting mostly modern fabrics for this quilt – no reproduction fabrics or batiks please. I’m fine with any fabric that fit the colors but just for inspiration I adore the Blueberry Park line, anything from Zen Chic or Cotton + Steel, Moda Grunge, Lizzy House pearl bracelets, Carolyn Freidlander and that sort of thing. Once again, please do not feel like you have to use these particular lines – I’m anxious to see fabrics I’ve not thought of! Prints or solids are fine for the blue parts of the block.

As far as low volume goes, I love, love, love text prints, music notes, maps, really graphic or geometric designs, architectural designs, pin dots…:) Of course, I’m excited to see what you come up with so if something inspires you, go for it! I prefer prints for the low volume background fabrics and would rather not have solids.

I’ve sewn up several sample blocks so you can get an idea of the different looks I’m going for. Please forgive the not so great lighting…I was in a hurry to get these photographed and posted!




Here are all four so you can see the secondary patterns. Secondary patterns are the best!


Please let me know if I forgot to let you know something important! I’m happy to answer any questions! I’m super excited to see what you ladies sew up!




A Quilt Story

Quilt Finish #3

I may or may not have finished this quilt months ago. I know it was during the summer months – other than that I really do not remember. I did want to share it on here though.


I have an aunt that has the gift of help. For real, you need her, she is there. She babysits when the kids are sick and cannot go to school or daycare. She picks my kids up for me when I cannot get to them or have conflicting mommy duties – even if the kid needs to be picked up in a town two hours away from where we live. If you have a baby, surgery, a death in the family, etc. you can count on her to bring homemade bread in various forms – rolls, loaves, cinnamon rolls,  sandwich bread, along with lots of sandwich fixings and likely a gift card to eat out. If you have a flat tire – even if you are a long way from her house – she will be there to pick you up and arrange getting it taken care of. She’s just dependable and really good like that!

When I finished this quilt, my husband immediately asked, “Who is it for?” I had not decided on a recipient and since I really, really loved the fabrics I was considering keeping it for myself. (I have a thing for Bonnie and Camille’s April Showers line.) When I told him I wasn’t sure I was going to give it away he reminded me that we really have more quilts hanging around here than we need. (Is this really I problem? I don’t think so but whatever.)

I had been wanting to make my aunt a quilt. It really was on my list of things to get to eventually. I had even planned something out in my head. However, his question, and the fact that I really wanted to do this for my aunt pretty soon, helped me make up my mind.


This pattern is called Giggle Box and it’s from an old Quilty magazine. It was a pretty quick sew and I must have made the top two years ago! It’s been in my WIP pile for ages. I’m glad to have finished it because, hello, I love this fabric!!


It was also a lot of fun to gift it! (I then had to call and have it returned to me to have pictures done. Ooooppss! But hey, my aunt is the kind that doesn’t mind running around helping with errands!)


I do love a striped binding!!


I used almost every last scrap of my April Showers fabric! This is my second quilt to make from this fabric. The first was made the first year I began quilting. It was a simple four patch quilt, and my first free motion quilted quilt. You can see it here!


Now, I think she needs a matching throw pillow! Good thing I still have some April Showers mini charm packs lying around!!