A Quilt Story

Tic Tac Toe – A Quilt for Baby Violet

Here’s a quilt for the newest addition to my family, my niece, Violet. She should be making her appearance very soon! I’m super excited about having another niece (I only have one niece but 10 nephews!!)

I used the blocks I made/received during my month as Queen Bee, June 2016. I selected the tic tac toe block and 11 wonderful ladies made 12 blocks in the colors I selected. I made the first 8 blocks myself. This is my first March finish but Finish #5 for 2017! I’m getting these WIP’s done!


The quilt finishes as 48’x 60′ – just perfect for a baby quilt!


I selected this Carousel fabric from Dear Stella designs for the back. It uses several of the colors from the front of the quilt but I just had to have the carousels when I decided to make this a baby blanket. I’ve hoarded this fabric from back before I even made quilts! As you can see, I had to piece the back so I used a navy pin dot to go along with it.


I used some of my favorite Blueberry Park marine fabric for the binding. I love how this quilt looks girly without being your traditional baby girl colors. I think that’s going to be right down my sister-in-law’s alley!


And look at this sweet photo bomber!!


I outline quilted each row of blocks for a simple grid pattern.


Here’s a close up of some of the fabrics…


Gotta love those low volumes as a background. I’m obsessed with this look!!


Now I’m just sitting back and waiting on the call that Miss Violet has arrived! I cannot wait to meet her!



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