A Quilt Story

Fizzy Quilt – A Finished Quilt

So back in the spring of 2016 I decided I would finally sew some curved blocks. I intended to just do enough for a pillow – curves were intimidating!! I made the fizzy block ( a variation of a drunkard’s path) from Blossom Heart Quilts. As you can see, mine didn’t line up perfectly but it was my first curved block so I’m cutting myself a bit of slack.


I was going to sew it up into a pillow but thought, “The repeat for this block is amazing…maybe make four blocks and make a large pillow.” I ended up making six.


And I decided, what the heck…make a quilt! I’m so glad I decided to! Almost a year later, I have 30 blocks and I finally finished!


Some of my circles lined up better than others for sure. I love how making the circles one color (instead of two – which is also amazing) makes the block look like a flower with a purple center.


I am very fond of using low volume fabrics for the background fabric in a quilt. I think I had a pretty good mix of low volumes in this one. I keep joking that in years to come, the low volume background is going to be a way to date our quilts. I can just hear my grand-kids saying, “I wonder why grandma used all these prints with text on it??”


I also used the very last bits of one of my favorite low volume prints ever…this print with the words to Starlight, Star Bright on it. It’s leftover bits from back in my children’s clothing sewing days! I used it on an apron dress that was just adorable!

Backing and binding are Moda Grunge fabrics I got on sale this week at my local quilt shop. The backing is a wide back and my very first time using wide back. Oh my goodness…love not piecing the back! I really loved the deep purple grunge for the binding as well!


Here’s a bunch more pictures to show the fabrics…




Oh, this is also my first quilt finish for February. Quilt #4 for 2017 (which means I’ve now made more quilts in 2017 than I did in 2016!)


I love how this quilt turned out. I also love all the purples in it. At the beginning of 2016 I noticed I had very little orange or purple in my stash. I intentionally tried to build those colors in my stash so I now have a pretty decent selection of purples! It was fun to put them in this quilt! (Now I need to work on yellows and reds!)


The final measurements of the quilt are 60″ x 72″, so it’s a nice sized throw quilt. Each block was 12.5″ unfinished and 12″ finished.


And one last look!




A Quilt Story

Curves Continued

I posted awhile back about my first attempt at sewing curves. I’ve been slowly adding to the pile and I now have 17 blocks completed.

2016-04-01 13.20.07

I’ve been having a blast with this quilt, even though the cutting takes me forever! I’m also have attention issues so I cut some, sew some, work on another project some, then come back to cutting. I think I need at least 24 blocks, maybe more, to make a decent sized quilt.

Here are a few up close progress pictures showing some of my fun fabrics. I’m especially fond of the one with brown script – it’s the words from When You Wish Upon a Star. I bought it years ago, have used it in many, many projects, and these are my last little bits of it.

2016-04-01 13.20.44

2016-04-01 13.20.38

I’m loving how this is coming together and cannot wait to finish it!




A Quilt Story


I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who had been intimidated by curved piecing. I’ve been wanting to make a quilt with curves for some time now. It was on my last years quilting list (but I didn’t do it) and it’s one of my goals for 2016. I’ve finally gotten down to business and played around with some curved blocks.

My original plan was to make one block and make it a pillow. That way, I could practice curves but it wouldn’t be a huge project that drug on forever. I decided on the Fizzy block and got to work. (The Fizzy block is one of the Bee Hive Blocks found at Blossom Heart Quilts.)

I was very happy with the outcome and had a blast sewing this block up.

2016-02-27 23.15.10

The more I looked at this block and some quilts made using it, I decided I needed to do a larger project. I mean, the pattern you get when you repeat this block is too sweet. Although the piecing wasn’t as hard as I’d imagined, it takes a bit of time to cut and piece these curves. I feel like I’ve done tons of cutting but I only have a few blocks to show for it.

It does, however, give you and idea of the final outcome. Did I mention the repeat pattern in this quilt is amazing?

2016-03-03 22.47.30

I spent Girls Night at my local quilt shop, The Fabric Dock, cutting  more pieces. I’m not sure yet how large I want this to be…just going to keep sewing until I get tired of it, I suppose. I’m very much enjoying watching this quilt grow!