A Quilt Story

April Bee Blocks

Here are the bee blocks I created for all the Queens of April!


Our Stash Bee Queen wanted squares in squares of varying sizes and color!  These were fast and simple to create! (I actually made a third right before I mailed it and it didn’t get photographed before it was mailed.

Our Blossom Heart Beehive Queen requested the Star Plus block!

I accidentally made the first one of these the wrong size so now I have a mug rug!

The Queen of Rockin’ Block Beehive wanted a scrappy bear paw block. I’m now in love with this block and really want to make a scrappy bear paw quilt now!!

I also sent this queen a few half square triangles to go in another quilt she is working on.

And finally, in our Bonnie and Camille Beehive, I made my first Swoon block. Ummmm…I love this block so much!!

I’m starting May’s blocks today in the hopes of getting a head start for the month. Oh, I’m also May Queen for one group so a few less blocks to make this month!

A Quilt Story

Bee Blocks

Well, I went a little beehive crazy this year and ended up in FOUR hives! It’s a total blast, even if it is keeping me on my toes, making that many blocks every month. I have to say, I’m in some hives with some rock stars that have gorgeous block ideas so now I’m wanting to copy pretty much every idea for each block I’ve made for my hives this year.

Originally, I had the great idea that I’d post a monthly post, showcasing each block I made. It doesn’t look like that is going to happen though so I’m going to settle for just sharing a bunch of the blocks I’ve made so far! Here are most of the blocks I made for the months January-March. I’m missing one January block though as I forgot to get a good photograph of it.

January Stash Bee Block

January Rockin’ Bee Block

Febraury Rockin’ Bee Block, a block for a friend that needed one more to finish last years bee quilt and February’s Stash Bee blocks…

February’s Bonnie and Camille Bee block

February’s Blossom Heart bee blocks

March’s Stash Bee Blocks

March’s Rockin’ Bee block (I love this strawberry so much!!!)

March’s Blossom Heart Bee blocks

March’s Bonnie and Camille bee block

So, yeah. That’s a lot of blocks. It’s been fun, I’ve made some blocks that I’m not certain I would have made before and have learned a lot! Boy though, it’s going to be a busy year of block making for sure!

A Quilt Story

Just a Wee Little Peek

…at something cool I’m working on.


It is a swap I’m participating in. These are the first three blocks I’ve completed but I plan to do 10-12. I totally need to do some thread trimming, I see. (This stuff always shows up so much better in pictures, it seems.) This is the Dwell block from the book Simply Retro by Camille Roskelly. I’ve had this book for  some time now and still haven’t made a quilt from it so it’s time. I was excited to join the block swap and I cannot wait to see how it all pans out. This swapping stuff is addictive!

I’m also currently cleaning/organizing my sewing space. Oh. My. Gosh. It was such a disaster and I didn’t have a system that worked well for me and my space. I’m revamping my system and decluttering. I used to store my fabric on comic book boards but they never stood up straight or looked very neat to me. Also, I love to have my kids help me put up fabric and they really had a difficult time getting it neat. I’m now folding it (the way my fabric shop folds it – that way I can come home from the fabric store and just put it on the shelf!) and I love it so much better. It’s the perfect fit for my shelves, I have them in color order, my kids can do it, and it’s easier to maintain.

I’m also changing up the way I do scraps. I’ve been putting all scraps in order by color. I mostly liked this but I had lots of itty bitty bits in with almost fat quarter cuts. Also, I had so many bins and not really enough space for them all. I’m now organizing by size and cutting all my scraps to either 2.5 inch squares, 5 inch squares, 1.5 inch strips, 2.5 inch strips, and bundles that are fat quarterish (mostly smaller but I didn’t want to cut down too much because there was a substantial amount of it.) I keep my FQ’s together already as well as all my precuts.

It’s been a combination of good and bad. I can see progress and that is exciting but I’m also really getting tired of working on it. I just want to quilt. I need to get this done though so off I go to finish organizing my scraps!


A Quilt Story

A really crummy sneak peek of something pretty stinkin’ cute…

So, I probably should have taken a better picture of this but I was so excited to get the quilt top done, and it was almost one o’clock in the morning…lighting was terrible. I also couldn’t fit the entire top in a picture from any angle in my living room. I did want to share though. I added another border last night and plan to baste this together sometime today!! Stay tuned for completed project pictures!!

2014-10-25 23.07.14