A Quilt Story

Bee Blocks

Well, I went a little beehive crazy this year and ended up in FOUR hives! It’s a total blast, even if it is keeping me on my toes, making that many blocks every month. I have to say, I’m in some hives with some rock stars that have gorgeous block ideas so now I’m wanting to copy pretty much every idea for each block I’ve made for my hives this year.

Originally, I had the great idea that I’d post a monthly post, showcasing each block I made. It doesn’t look like that is going to happen though so I’m going to settle for just sharing a bunch of the blocks I’ve made so far! Here are most of the blocks I made for the months January-March. I’m missing one January block though as I forgot to get a good photograph of it.

January Stash Bee Block

January Rockin’ Bee Block

Febraury Rockin’ Bee Block, a block for a friend that needed one more to finish last years bee quilt and February’s Stash Bee blocks…

February’s Bonnie and Camille Bee block

February’s Blossom Heart bee blocks

March’s Stash Bee Blocks

March’s Rockin’ Bee block (I love this strawberry so much!!!)

March’s Blossom Heart Bee blocks

March’s Bonnie and Camille bee block

So, yeah. That’s a lot of blocks. It’s been fun, I’ve made some blocks that I’m not certain I would have made before and have learned a lot! Boy though, it’s going to be a busy year of block making for sure!

A Quilt Story

Queen Bee January

I’m super excited to be participating in the Blossom Heart Bee Hive for 2017! 2016 was my first time participating and it was a wonderful experience! This year, I’ve become the Hive Mama of my very own swarm and I’m also Queen Bee for January! (I had many swarm members request not to have January and after this rush of a holiday I really can see why!) I do however, have my blocks and colors ready to share with my swarm! I may or may not have spent the entire day neglecting much needed housework to get it all together…

That being said, the rest of this post is directed to my swarm members.

My January Queen Bee last year selected the Quartrefoil block as her bee block. I remember thinking that it just wasn’t my favorite block. I’d seen it in repeat (mostly with a computer graphic) and out of the different blocks I was toying over for my own choice, Quartrefoil just wasn’t moving me. Then I began seeing a few completed quilts. My goodness! It was one of those cases where I had a totally different idea of how it would look. My friend and former swarm member, Patti, made this gorgeous one that is all over Pinterest right now! It’s exciting to see such a lovely quilt with a few of my blocks in it! I was totally wrong about it.

So, in the end, I decided, I wanted, nay, I needed, a Quartrefoil quilt of my very own. You can find the block tutorial here.


I did think of my mother when deciding this color scheme. She loves blue. Blue on blue on blue on blue. Blue makes her happy in every form and fashion. I grew up in a house decorated with mostly blue. She has blue dishes, a blue Christmas tree, blue walls, blue carpet…you get the idea.

So, in honor of my mother, I’m choosing blue! Everything blue or blueish works! I’ve set up a pinterest board with an insane amount of blue items because I never do things by halves and tend go a bit crazy! Anything on the board works as far as color goes! Please do not stress over color selection. If you would sort it into the blue family it works! You will see I strayed a bit from just true blue and have lots of blueish colors represented as well. I’m giving you the freedom to pick which blue goes where except for the navy. I assigned it a particular spot in the block. However, the other two prints can be any blue from cobalt to powder blue, aqua to cerulean, turquoise to cornflower! I hope you can use fabrics you have on hand!

Here are my color assignments:

Print A – any blue, turquoise, teal or aqua (except navy)

Print B – any blue, turquoise, teal or aqua that contrasts nicely with print A (except navy)

Print C– navy

Background – low volume – white or cream

I love lots of fabric styles but I’m wanting mostly modern fabrics for this quilt – no reproduction fabrics or batiks please. I’m fine with any fabric that fit the colors but just for inspiration I adore the Blueberry Park line, anything from Zen Chic or Cotton + Steel, Moda Grunge, Lizzy House pearl bracelets, Carolyn Freidlander and that sort of thing. Once again, please do not feel like you have to use these particular lines – I’m anxious to see fabrics I’ve not thought of! Prints or solids are fine for the blue parts of the block.

As far as low volume goes, I love, love, love text prints, music notes, maps, really graphic or geometric designs, architectural designs, pin dots…:) Of course, I’m excited to see what you come up with so if something inspires you, go for it! I prefer prints for the low volume background fabrics and would rather not have solids.

I’ve sewn up several sample blocks so you can get an idea of the different looks I’m going for. Please forgive the not so great lighting…I was in a hurry to get these photographed and posted!




Here are all four so you can see the secondary patterns. Secondary patterns are the best!


Please let me know if I forgot to let you know something important! I’m happy to answer any questions! I’m super excited to see what you ladies sew up!




A Quilt Story


I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who had been intimidated by curved piecing. I’ve been wanting to make a quilt with curves for some time now. It was on my last years quilting list (but I didn’t do it) and it’s one of my goals for 2016. I’ve finally gotten down to business and played around with some curved blocks.

My original plan was to make one block and make it a pillow. That way, I could practice curves but it wouldn’t be a huge project that drug on forever. I decided on the Fizzy block and got to work. (The Fizzy block is one of the Bee Hive Blocks found at Blossom Heart Quilts.)

I was very happy with the outcome and had a blast sewing this block up.

2016-02-27 23.15.10

The more I looked at this block and some quilts made using it, I decided I needed to do a larger project. I mean, the pattern you get when you repeat this block is too sweet. Although the piecing wasn’t as hard as I’d imagined, it takes a bit of time to cut and piece these curves. I feel like I’ve done tons of cutting but I only have a few blocks to show for it.

It does, however, give you and idea of the final outcome. Did I mention the repeat pattern in this quilt is amazing?

2016-03-03 22.47.30

I spent Girls Night at my local quilt shop, The Fabric Dock, cutting  more pieces. I’m not sure yet how large I want this to be…just going to keep sewing until I get tired of it, I suppose. I’m very much enjoying watching this quilt grow!

A Quilt Story

Bee Hive Blocks for February

Whoa February. Since I have been back at work the entire month and that baby girl (not to mention all the older kids) are keeping me super busy, it took forever to complete my February Bee Block! I also seemed to have a difficult time getting the size correct (which means I was either cutting or stitching in too much of a hurry!)

I ended up making four blocks before I made one that was the correct size. The others are only 1/4″ short, so I think I may just make myself a quilt and keep making more of these blocks. They are lovely…

Here is the block I’m sending.

2016-02-25 23.17.13

It’s called Spinwheel and you can find the directions to make it here. It’s a lot of fun because you actually get pinwheels in all six colors when you add multiple blocks.

Here are all four blocks I made together so you can see the different pinwheels.

2016-02-25 23.13.03

See why I want to make one of these for myself? Anyway, with three blocks done I’ve got a bit of a start on it! I just might need to acquire some more fabrics in the colors so I do not have too many repeats. 🙂