A Quilt Story

Bee Blocks

Well, I went a little beehive crazy this year and ended up in FOUR hives! It’s a total blast, even if it is keeping me on my toes, making that many blocks every month. I have to say, I’m in some hives with some rock stars that have gorgeous block ideas so now I’m wanting to copy pretty much every idea for each block I’ve made for my hives this year.

Originally, I had the great idea that I’d post a monthly post, showcasing each block I made. It doesn’t look like that is going to happen though so I’m going to settle for just sharing a bunch of the blocks I’ve made so far! Here are most of the blocks I made for the months January-March. I’m missing one January block though as I forgot to get a good photograph of it.

January Stash Bee Block

January Rockin’ Bee Block

Febraury Rockin’ Bee Block, a block for a friend that needed one more to finish last years bee quilt and February’s Stash Bee blocks…

February’s Bonnie and Camille Bee block

February’s Blossom Heart bee blocks

March’s Stash Bee Blocks

March’s Rockin’ Bee block (I love this strawberry so much!!!)

March’s Blossom Heart Bee blocks

March’s Bonnie and Camille bee block

So, yeah. That’s a lot of blocks. It’s been fun, I’ve made some blocks that I’m not certain I would have made before and have learned a lot! Boy though, it’s going to be a busy year of block making for sure!

A Quilt Story

High Five Quilt

So, I hopped on here to post about my 3rd (and final) January quilt finish and realized I never posted my second!! I’m really going to have to nail down some blog time soon. It’s nice finishing things faster than I can blog about it though. So, after this I have another quilt to post about as well as a post at some point (hopefully) dedicated to my mini quilt swaps and bee blocks! January was a pretty productive quilting month this year!

But on to the good stuff. I finally finished my High Five Quilt that I began working on when I was pregnant in 2015. I began it because I wanted to play with scraps and needed a break from working on the quilts I was making my kids for Christmas. 2016 was a slow year as far as quilts go. The baby needed a lot of attention and well, she’s the last so I needed to give it! Funny how quickly things are changing. She still takes up a lot of time but she nap times and sleeping through the night help free up some time for quilting.

So, here’s my High Five in all her colorful, scrappy glory!


Isn’t she lovely???

This was such a fun quilt to play with scraps! Sometimes the girls would pick out color combos for me and just stack them by my machine while I pieced the blocks. I love that they are interested in sewing and quilting! Hopefully, I am passing the love of handmade items on in my family!

I also really love the combination of small and large blocks in this quilt! Scrappy, bright and colorful really is my favorite.


This is another quilt from my often mentioned favorite quilting book Sunday Morning Quilts. What? You don’t have that book? Seriously, order is now! You will not regret it! (I promise I do not get paid to say that – I just seriously love that book!) Anyway, it’s written by the amazing Amanda of Crazy Mom Quilts and Cheryl of CherylArkison.com.


Honestly, I cannot remember where I got this backing fabric. It’s something I ordered in a clearance sale but it goes with this quilt marvelously! I used my darning foot to quilt some loopy lines. I think this is one of my favorite quilt ways to quilt. Heavens knows I cannot do anything too fancy!


The binding is actually scrappy but all black and whites.


This quilt is already a favorite around the house!



And yes, this is normal January attire for the Mississippi Gulf Coast! Don’t worry, we’ll need jackets in a few days. We have some crazy weather around here!





A Quilt Story

Work In Progress

So, I’m posting my first WIP (work in progress) Wednesday post. I’m going to try very hard to make this a weekly habit. Heavens knows I have plenty of work in progress projects going on.

This week, my big work in progress project has been a scrappy quilt. I’m using basic directions for the High Five Quilt found in Sunday Morning Quilts. If you’ve read any of my blog posts you will know it’s my favorite quilting book of all time! I began making these blocks in September when I just needed a break from the projects I’d been working on. They are fun blocks to make and if your scraps are handy you can sew a bunch of these together pretty quickly. Here’s one of my early batches of these blocks.

2015-09-16 21.43.15

I added blocks here and there as I had time (or sometimes when I didn’t have time but wanted to work on something else – I do that a lot!)

At the end of the year I had 200 blocks sewn together.2015-12-31 10.26.06

These are really fun to look at! 🙂

Anyway, the pattern calls for 260 blocks plus an addition 5 large blocks I’ve yet to make. I laid these out to get an idea of the size to see if I plan to make all 260 blocks. Then I decided I really needed to trim them to size before making a decision. This week I’ve spent quite a bit of my sewing time trimming these blocks down to 5″ blocks. Look at all these trimmed up blocks! Eeeeekkkk!

2016-01-06 13.38.33

2016-01-06 13.38.17

I still haven’t decided how many more blocks I’m going to make. I think my next step will be making the 5 larger blocks and see how I like the size at that point. This could very likely be my work in progress for some time yet…

Check out the Work in Progress Link up at Freshly Pieced to see others participating this week!






A Quilt Story

Quilting Resolutions Revisited

Here is a recap of my 2015 Quilting Resolutions. I’ll address each one to show how I progressed (or failed to progress) during 2015.

My Quilt Challenges for 2015

#1 Finish five projects that have already been started. (These are quilt tops that have been sitting around for ages needing to become quilts.)

I finished five projects that I started before 2015. Woohoo! I finished the last one up in December so I was cutting it a bit close.

I finished my one block log cabin quilt. This quit top was pieced in October of 2014. I finished the quilt in February 2015

2015-02-15 14.35.47

I finished my Flip Flop quit. I made the blocks for this in 2014. I completed the quilt in April 2015.

2015-03-30 17.09.31

I finished my PB&J Jelly Roll Race quilt. This was the first quilt top I ever made. I made the quilt top in January of 2014. I finished it in July 2015.


I began this quilt in a Block of the Month class in March of 2014. I missed one of the classes and never put my blocks together. I opted to make a baby blanket with the blocks I had completed and finished in September 2015!

2015-09-20 13.02.11

I began making the blocks for this quilt in the spring of 2014. It was completed in December 2015.

2015-12-21 09.46.55

#2 Make a quilt/quilt project with curved seams. I’m actually very nervous about this. I’m hoping to begin with a pillow top or a mug rug but I am determined to add this to my skills list.

Yeah, this didn’t happen. So sad. 😦 It’s on my list for next year and I already have templates printed to work on it!

#3 Make a selvage quilt. I’ve been saving…by the end of the year I’m certain I’ll have enough. Oh, I’m happy to take donations if anyone has some they’d like to get rid of.

Finished my selvage quilt. I love the Wacky Web pattern.


#4 Make a sampler quilt. I received two books for Christmas with a collection of blocks. I need to made a sampler (or two or three) to show off some of those fun techniques!

Finished this baby quilt that was supposed to be a much larger quilt (after taking a block of the month class that I never completed!) Here’s my sampler!

2015-09-20 13.02.11

#5 Make an assortment of mug rugs for gifts throughout the year. This has been a plan of mine for some time yet. Mug rugs are fairly quick sews and great for practicing my FMQ techniques (which is in dire need of being practiced!) and perfect for sewing nights with friends. I need to go ahead and get this done!

Here are the mug rugs I completed. Not a lot at all. I really do not know why I haven’t made more…I really love them. I gifted the middle one in a Sneaky Santa game at Christmas (along with a mug, coffee, tea, hot cocoa and candy.) I’m still holding on to the others but they will probably become teacher gifts!

2015-06-24 10.09.25

2015-06-24 10.09.11

2015-06-24 10.09.00

#6 Make a quilt for my son, Landon. I have made a quilt for my parents, my in-laws, both daughters and my husband. I even have one for myself. I think he deserves one soon. 🙂 Fortunately, he has a great attitude and is not worried about it – although he does want one. I’ll be on the lookout for lots of nerdy fabrics (Sudoku, crossword puzzles, periodic table, equations, etc.) to complete this project.

Finished Landon’s quilt  in December 2015, just in time for Christmas!

2015-12-21 09.52.25


#7 Make an Eye Spy Quilt. I really, really want to do one of these and I have a great design in mind – just need to collect the correct bits of fabrics. Once again, I’m taking all donations of novelty scraps!

I began an Eye Spy Quilt top and have some 5″ squares cut for a second one. I have recipients in mind but it will have to be put off until 2016.

#8 Make more quilts than I did last year. I made 10 quilts and 1 mug rug in 2014. With five quilt tops already complete and several other quilts in various stages of quiltedness, I do not think this will be too difficult but just in case I wanted to make it an actual challenge. 🙂

2015 Quilts – I completed a total of 13 quilts. Three more than last year!

2015-01-25 14.49.242015-02-15 14.20.33SundayMorning_22015-03-30 17.10.482015-05-12 01.27.332015-05-26 12.58.38jellyroll5Wackyweb12015-09-20 13.02.39candycoated_82015-12-21 09.47.572015-12-21 09.52.252015-12-27 17.33.17


#9 Use my stash. I’m not making any promises not to buy more fabric – just the thought makes me a little insane. I love new fabric so much. That being said, I have a pretty decent stash. I do not want the idea of not having enough money for a new project to keep me from quilting. I have a great stash of yardage and scraps alike.

Here are the quilts I was able to make in 2015 without buying special fabrics because I shopped my stash! I think my scrappy quilts were some of my favorites for sure!!

Hip to be Square Pat Sloan Challenge Quilt

2015-01-25 14.52.41

Sunday Morning Quilt


Scrappy Four Patch for Rebekah’s teacher

2015-05-26 07.09.01

Wacky Web Selvage Quilt


Candy Coated Quilt


#10 Pick a quilt from a magazine or book that I do not like and use different fabrics to make it something I love. I have a friend that made a quilt I admired tremendously and she was telling me that she got the pattern from a magazine I had a copy of. When I went back and looked I was shocked at how the fabrics changed the look of the quilt. I’d flipped past the quilt so many times and here my friend is with a gorgeous quilt using the same pattern. I want to try and learn to see past a color I do not like for a lovely quilt design so I’m hoping I will be able to challenge myself to look beyond a few things when making a quilt.

I didn’t do this one either. I still like the idea of doing it…it was just hard to get around to because there are so many quilt designs I LOVE that I want to try out. I still hope to do this one day but I’m not sure it’s going to happen – that’s just being honest.


Overview: having goals set really kept me on track a bit. Even the goals I did not meet I thought about and plan to get to most of them this year. It was nice to come back and revisit what I planned to do at the beginning of the year and try and keep on track with it. I will definitely be setting new goals for 2016.


A Quilt Story

A Lovely Year of Finishes – December Goal Complete

I didn’t finish nearly as many monthly goals as I’d hoped this year but it sure does feel good finishing the year off with a completed goal. I finally finished my Black and White Splash Quilt for my oldest daughter’s Christmas present. (I also finished two other quilts in December but I’ll blog about those later…one still needs pictures!)

I began this quilt in the spring of 2014 and finished all the blocks. Then this quilt went into my UFO stack. I finally dusted the blocks off over the summer and finished the quilt top. It was even my October finishing goal but I didn’t quilt at all in October (I was so very miserably pregnant that month.) It has taken me a bit to get it all done though and I didn’t baste, quilt or bind until well into December. I’m going to blame being pregnant and having a newborn for my procrastination.  🙂

2015-12-21 09.46.55

I’m very happy with how this quilt turned out. It was a lot of fun to make.

2015-12-21 09.46.15

The quilt in the book was an aqua quilt with an orange block in the center. Although I was worried my quilt would look Halloweenish, I really wanted to do a black/white with orange block for the feature block because my daughter decorates in orange, turquoise and black/white. I’m actually very pleased with these colors and do not feel that they are Halloweenish at all. I think the fabrics used – and the addition of some yellows in the orange fabrics helped a lot.

2015-12-21 09.47.42

There really are some fun fabrics in this quilt – I adore the tennis shoes, bicycles and music notes…

2015-12-21 09.46.07

By the way, neither of these girls are the quilts recipient…I was photographing this before Christmas and wanted some people in the photographs. I will post some after Christmas pictures of Shiloh with her quilt later.

2015-12-21 09.48.43

2015-12-21 09.56.13

2015-12-21 09.55.10

It may not be their quilt but they are enjoying it anyway. My kids love playing with quilts!

I loosely followed the pattern for the Splash Quilt in Sunday Morning Quilts to make this quilt. Seriously, I say this all the time, but you all need this book!! You’ll thank me for recommending it later. I love every quilt in it!!

I’m linking up at Sew Bittersweet Designs for A Lovely Year of Finishes. Click the button below to see what goals everyone else completed in December!








A Quilt Story

A Lovely Year of Finishes – December Goal

Well, my October goal of finishing my 18 year old daughter’s quilt I plan to give her for Christmas was a no-go. I do not think I even touched the quilt. The last months of my pregnancy were kicking my butt. November came and I made no goal (unless getting out of bed each day was a goal – and some days I didn’t do that), and then the baby girl came (yay!), and then I was busy with a newborn, so yeah, no quilting in November.

December is here now, and Christmas presents need to be completed. I’m no longer pregnant and the baby is sleeping better at night (finally!) so I’m jumping back in one last time for 2015. I’m going to keep my October goal though because I need to finish this quilt (along with three others, a table runner, some pot holders and oven mitts) before Christmas! Whew!

However, my ALYF goal for December will just be finishing Shiloh’s quilt.

2015-08-17 20.05.01

I did finally baste this top so it is sitting, rolled up on my sewing table, ready to be quilted and have the binding attached. Honestly, once I get a quilt basted I feel a bit like I’m home free – it is certainly my least favorite part. I hope to start quilting this on Monday  and should have it done by the end of the week.

So, there you have it..my December A Lovely Year of Finishes goal. You can see more goals at Sew Bittersweet Designs by clicking on the button below.


A Quilt Story

A Lovely Year of Finishes – October Goal

I’m so stoked that I’m actually remembering to post my goal in time. Yay!!

Last year, I began working on the Splash Quilt from the book Sunday Morning Quilts. I originally intended it as a gift for a couple I know but my then 16 year old took a liking to it. She’s rather picky and doesn’t always like the items I make so I decided I’d let it be her quilt. After completing the blocks I abandoned it a bit in lieu of other projects.

Earlier this year I decided to gift each of my children a quilt for Christmas this year. I pulled the Splash Quilt blocks out and completed the quilt top late in August.

2015-08-17 20.05.01

I put it aside once again because I needed to shop for the perfect backing fabric. (The quilt made a huge dent in my black and white scraps!)

2015-08-17 20.05.29

Well, it’s getting time to finish these quilts if they are going to be ready in time for Christmas (I have two more to make after this. Three are complete!) Also, the black and orange colors are very October, are they not?

I’m still super busy with work, chasing five kids that are in band, drama, art school, ballet, etc, and dealing with being 33 weeks pregnant, so it’s a smallish goal that I feel confident I can complete. I do, fortunately, have a great basting helper (my son Landon rocks at this job!) so I’ll make him do most of the crawling around on the floor. Me doing that right now would be pretty special!

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