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You Can Call Me Queen Bee

I told my husband I was going to be Queen Bee in June so he sang Royals for me. It’s been stuck in my head ever since.

I’m so very excited about this. I’ve watched Blossom Heart Quilt Bees all last year, so patiently waiting for the opportunity to join. I’ve loved making blocks for my fellow hive members this year – they have all had fun and amazing color combinations! I’m thrilled for it to finally be my turn though! Yay!

This is my first time ever being Queen Bee of anything. I’m warning you, I’m so excited I may be a little overwhelming. I’m very easy to please though so take all my excitement for what it is…just a lot of excitement!

I have selected and deselected so many of the blocks from the list. It’s really quite crazy how many times I’ve changed my mind. I finally thought I’d settled on a Wanta Fanta block but since you guys in my hive have already done it twice (and I love so many of the blocks) I decided to change my mind once again.

I have finally decided to do the Tic Tac Toe block. It’s super simple – Just snowball a few blocks and sew them into a nine patch. Voila!

2016-05-09 22.01.00

In fact, they are so simple (and this has nothing to do with my obsessive compulsive behavior, right?) I’ve already made eight blocks! I do plan on finishing this quilt this year so I was going to need extra blocks anyway. I’m not as patient as some of you and cannot wait until next years bee.


I’ve been pretty set on my color scheme for some time now. I settled on it long before I made up my mind about blocks. I’m wanting peach, coral, mint, aqua, teal, navy, raspberry and gray with low volume background fabrics. I’ve created a pinterest board with color inspiration.

Block instructions are here.

Here are my color assignments:

Print A – I’ll want four different fabrics, one peach, one coral, one mint and one aqua. You do not have to be super technical with this. If you think it works, it works. The peach and coral should be opposite one another on the block and the teal and mint should be opposite each other.

Print B – either navy, teal, raspberry  or mid to dark gray (I’ll post a color sign up for each color on our facebook page but seriously, if you really want to use navy and navy is full we can totally work with that.)

Background – low volume – white or cream

I love lots of fabric styles but I’m wanting mostly modern fabrics for this quilt – no reproduction fabrics or batiks please. I’m fine with any fabric that fit the colors but just for inspiration I adore the Blueberry Park line, anything from Zen Chic or Cotton + Steel, Moda Grunge, Lizzy House pearl bracelets, that sort of thing. Once again, please do not feel like you have to use these particular lines – I’m anxious to see fabrics I’ve not thought of! Prints or solids are fine.

As far as low volume goes, I love, love, love text prints, music notes, really graphic or geometric designs, architectural designs, pin dots…:) Of course, I’m excited to see what you come up with so if something inspires you, go for it! I prefer prints for the low volume background fabrics and would rather not have solids.

Here’s one more single, sample block.

2016-05-11 22.05.01

And just for fun some more sample pictures…


The sun was bright – the first color here is dark gray, the second navy, the third teal and the fourth is raspberry.


The following pictures probably show the colors better.




Thanks guys! And have fun! I’m so excited (did I mention that already? Ooooppps!)



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