A Quilt Story

High Five Quilt

So, I hopped on here to post about my 3rd (and final) January quilt finish and realized I never posted my second!! I’m really going to have to nail down some blog time soon. It’s nice finishing things faster than I can blog about it though. So, after this I have another quilt to post about as well as a post at some point (hopefully) dedicated to my mini quilt swaps and bee blocks! January was a pretty productive quilting month this year!

But on to the good stuff. I finally finished my High Five Quilt that I began working on when I was pregnant in 2015. I began it because I wanted to play with scraps and needed a break from working on the quilts I was making my kids for Christmas. 2016 was a slow year as far as quilts go. The baby needed a lot of attention and well, she’s the last so I needed to give it! Funny how quickly things are changing. She still takes up a lot of time but she nap times and sleeping through the night help free up some time for quilting.

So, here’s my High Five in all her colorful, scrappy glory!


Isn’t she lovely???

This was such a fun quilt to play with scraps! Sometimes the girls would pick out color combos for me and just stack them by my machine while I pieced the blocks. I love that they are interested in sewing and quilting! Hopefully, I am passing the love of handmade items on in my family!

I also really love the combination of small and large blocks in this quilt! Scrappy, bright and colorful really is my favorite.


This is another quilt from my often mentioned favorite quilting book Sunday Morning Quilts. What? You don’t have that book? Seriously, order is now! You will not regret it! (I promise I do not get paid to say that – I just seriously love that book!) Anyway, it’s written by the amazing Amanda of Crazy Mom Quilts and Cheryl of CherylArkison.com.


Honestly, I cannot remember where I got this backing fabric. It’s something I ordered in a clearance sale but it goes with this quilt marvelously! I used my darning foot to quilt some loopy lines. I think this is one of my favorite quilt ways to quilt. Heavens knows I cannot do anything too fancy!


The binding is actually scrappy but all black and whites.


This quilt is already a favorite around the house!



And yes, this is normal January attire for the Mississippi Gulf Coast! Don’t worry, we’ll need jackets in a few days. We have some crazy weather around here!





A Pillow Story

Pillow Talk

So, I made all these lovely nine patch blocks back in January with the intention of making a quilt.

2016-01-04 18.17.55

The entire time I kept thinking what a lovely pillow these blocks would make.

2016-01-04 18.18.51

So, I stitched up a few more and made an envelope pillow cover and I love how it turned out!


Now I’m anxious to make a few more of these! So much fun and a great way to get one of my piles of blocks sitting around into a finished project! Yay for finishes!!




A Quilt Story

Curves Continued

I posted awhile back about my first attempt at sewing curves. I’ve been slowly adding to the pile and I now have 17 blocks completed.

2016-04-01 13.20.07

I’ve been having a blast with this quilt, even though the cutting takes me forever! I’m also have attention issues so I cut some, sew some, work on another project some, then come back to cutting. I think I need at least 24 blocks, maybe more, to make a decent sized quilt.

Here are a few up close progress pictures showing some of my fun fabrics. I’m especially fond of the one with brown script – it’s the words from When You Wish Upon a Star. I bought it years ago, have used it in many, many projects, and these are my last little bits of it.

2016-04-01 13.20.44

2016-04-01 13.20.38

I’m loving how this is coming together and cannot wait to finish it!




A Quilt Story

Improv Quilt Blocks

I’ve got some fun, crazy, improv blocks in the making.

2016-04-01 13.12.21

I began making these blocks with the intention of creating a Scrap Vortex Quilt like Amanda from Crazy Mom Quilts made. I still plan on making a Scrap Vortex one day but I’m thinking of changing things up a bit and not just sewing these all together.

2016-04-01 13.12.34

2016-04-01 13.12.29

These blocks have been a lot of fun to make – even though improv isn’t usually my thing. Now to get them into a quilt! I think I’m going to “float” the blocks randomly on a white (or pin dot) background…but I could change my mind!



A Pin Cushion Story

Pin Cushions!!

I may have stayed up way too late to enjoy a quiet house and sew a trio of pin cushions that I finished up this morning.

2016-04-01 10.50.31

I’ll be honest and admit that I pretty much snagged all these ideas from other bloggers. The log cabin pin cushion was inspired by the Bluebird Log Cabin Quilt from Red Pepper Quilts .

2016-04-01 10.50.04

The nine patch was inspired by Crazy Mom Quilts Mini Nines.

2016-04-01 10.50.12

The improv pin cushion was also inspired by Crazy Mom Quilts Scrap Vortex quilt!

2016-04-01 10.50.17

So much fun making these tiny blocks and actually finishing something up. I have zero completed quilts in 2016 but thanks to potholders and pin cushions I do have a few finishes. I just have to remind myself that babies do not stay babies forever and I can make quilts when this beauty grows up.

2016-03-30 13.06.21

I will not be able to hold and snuggle her forever so I’m going to enjoy it while I can and make fewer amount of quilts for the time being.

A Quilt Story


I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who had been intimidated by curved piecing. I’ve been wanting to make a quilt with curves for some time now. It was on my last years quilting list (but I didn’t do it) and it’s one of my goals for 2016. I’ve finally gotten down to business and played around with some curved blocks.

My original plan was to make one block and make it a pillow. That way, I could practice curves but it wouldn’t be a huge project that drug on forever. I decided on the Fizzy block and got to work. (The Fizzy block is one of the Bee Hive Blocks found at Blossom Heart Quilts.)

I was very happy with the outcome and had a blast sewing this block up.

2016-02-27 23.15.10

The more I looked at this block and some quilts made using it, I decided I needed to do a larger project. I mean, the pattern you get when you repeat this block is too sweet. Although the piecing wasn’t as hard as I’d imagined, it takes a bit of time to cut and piece these curves. I feel like I’ve done tons of cutting but I only have a few blocks to show for it.

It does, however, give you and idea of the final outcome. Did I mention the repeat pattern in this quilt is amazing?

2016-03-03 22.47.30

I spent Girls Night at my local quilt shop, The Fabric Dock, cutting  more pieces. I’m not sure yet how large I want this to be…just going to keep sewing until I get tired of it, I suppose. I’m very much enjoying watching this quilt grow!

A Baby Sewing Story

Bib Bonanza

I had all these big plans to sew lots of baby stuff while I was pregnant. I put it off for awhile because I wanted to get as many Christmas gift quilts made before I got started. By the time I got around to baby sewing I was pretty miserable and the thought of sewing often made me want to cry.

In the end, I really didn’t sew that much for the new baby. I did however, kinda go bib crazy.

2015-11-12 13.04.32

These were so much fun to make!! They are not all for Philippa, however. Only seven are hers. Two girl bibs and two boy bibs went to two co-workers that were also expecting and extra boy bib went into my gift closet for the next time I need a shower gift. (I have another co-worker expecting in March. I work in a very large school!) I did consider keeping my extra boy bib for Philippa, because really, doesn’t everyone love bugs? Even girls?

2015-11-12 13.03.27

I wouldn’t have a problem with my daughter wearing this! However, I figured we had enough bibs and it’s nice to have a wee bit of a head start on some gifts!  Here is the other boy bib I made. (Would totally use it for a girl also.)

2015-11-12 13.03.34

These next two are the ones I gave to a friend having a daughter. Philippa has a bib just like them as well.

2015-11-12 13.03.48

2015-11-12 13.03.41

And here is the entire assortment!

2015-11-12 13.04.19


2015-11-12 13.08.28

…and here’s one modeled photo for your enjoyment. I do love having these handmade bibs. 🙂

2016-01-05 09.32.02