A Quilt Story

Quilt Finish #3

I may or may not have finished this quilt months ago. I know it was during the summer months – other than that I really do not remember. I did want to share it on here though.


I have an aunt that has the gift of help. For real, you need her, she is there. She babysits when the kids are sick and cannot go to school or daycare. She picks my kids up for me when I cannot get to them or have conflicting mommy duties – even if the kid needs to be picked up in a town two hours away from where we live. If you have a baby, surgery, a death in the family, etc. you can count on her to bring homemade bread in various forms – rolls, loaves, cinnamon rolls,  sandwich bread, along with lots of sandwich fixings and likely a gift card to eat out. If you have a flat tire – even if you are a long way from her house – she will be there to pick you up and arrange getting it taken care of. She’s just dependable and really good like that!

When I finished this quilt, my husband immediately asked, “Who is it for?” I had not decided on a recipient and since I really, really loved the fabrics I was considering keeping it for myself. (I have a thing for Bonnie and Camille’s April Showers line.) When I told him I wasn’t sure I was going to give it away he reminded me that we really have more quilts hanging around here than we need. (Is this really I problem? I don’t think so but whatever.)

I had been wanting to make my aunt a quilt. It really was on my list of things to get to eventually. I had even planned something out in my head. However, his question, and the fact that I really wanted to do this for my aunt pretty soon, helped me make up my mind.


This pattern is called Giggle Box and it’s from an old Quilty magazine. It was a pretty quick sew and I must have made the top two years ago! It’s been in my WIP pile for ages. I’m glad to have finished it because, hello, I love this fabric!!


It was also a lot of fun to gift it! (I then had to call and have it returned to me to have pictures done. Ooooppss! But hey, my aunt is the kind that doesn’t mind running around helping with errands!)


I do love a striped binding!!


I used almost every last scrap of my April Showers fabric! This is my second quilt to make from this fabric. The first was made the first year I began quilting. It was a simple four patch quilt, and my first free motion quilted quilt. You can see it here!


Now, I think she needs a matching throw pillow! Good thing I still have some April Showers mini charm packs lying around!!

A Quilt Story

My Very First Quilt – Sort of…

In January 2014 I was bit by the quilting bug. Like most hobbies, I become rather obsessed quickly and this was no exception. My very first quilt top to complete was this jelly roll quilt.


I made it at a Girl’s Night Out at my favorite local quilt shop, The Fabric Dock.

The next day, I whipped out another jellyroll quilt top and then moved on to more difficult designs. I completed yet another quilt top before I actually finished a quilt! The Sweet Charlotte was my first finish (it was also my fourth quilt top).

This year, I was resolved to make a dent in some of my unfinished quilting projects. I finished my one block log cabin and my flip flop quilt already this year. I had to look around a bit to find fabric from the PB&J line from Basic Grey by Moda…it was pretty popular last year and I had a hard time finding any available yardage to make my backing.

I finally found some earlier this year and put this quilt together…it only took 18 months!!



My nephew, Sawyer, was hanging around today so I nabbed him as my human to throw in the pictures!


Can you even handle this much cute?



And here’s a look at the binding. I love this fabric but it doesn’t pop like my binding usually does. It blends in with the quilt pretty well but I figure there’s room for all looks in my quilt. And as always, I just love picking out binding fabric. (Even when the selection is slim because the fabrics are hard to find!)



Oh, and in case you didn’t get enough of this cutie, here is one more!



So, here’s to finishing the first quilt I ever started!!

A Quilt Story

What I’m Working On

Well, In typical Bethany fashion, I’m in the middle of three different quilts right now (by the way, I’m not talking about unfinished projects, I’m talking about things I actually have out, that I’m currently working on).

One I have pieced and sandwiched but it still needs to be quilted. Oh, and I have no picture so it will have to be a surprise.

I’ve also cut pieces for a baby sized quilt (unless I change my mind and add borders to it) but it’s all in blocks still. I wanted to use up some of my left over red fabric from the quilt I made my husband for Christmas. I had to trim like crazy because I did the math wrong. Gotta love post Christmas craziness, late night sewing and math. I hate having to trim pre-cut 5″ squares down a 1/2″. Gah. I’ll be using Chantilly fabrics by Moda along with the pictured four patch blocks. (You can see my other blocks in the top left corner.) I think it’s going to be sweet.

2014-12-28 22.37.34

The last, and the one I’m most excited about, has a mostly completed quilt top. I’m adding three rows of charm borders to it and when I laid it all out tonight I was so excited. I really, really, really love it. It is almost completely a scrap quilt – I only used 1/2 of a white jelly roll for the sashing and the rest are from my scrap baskets. The blocks are 16 patch, sashed in white with three rows of 5″ charms. My daughter was helping me lay out all the border pieces tonight and she kept pointing and saying, “I remember the dress I had in that,” or “That’s the fabric from the quilt you made Grandma,” or “Oh! I love my pants in this fabric,” and “Hey, those glasses are on the sash of my old dress!”

2015-01-03 17.33.36

It’s pretty difficult getting the entire quilt in the picture. It may be the largest I’ve put together yet. I’m pretty sure this quilt will be for me. I just don’t think I can give this one away! Rebekah is asking to make a doll quilt out of the scraps. I’m pretty sure I will not be able to say no to that.

What crafty projects are you in the middle of?

A Quilt Story

A really crummy sneak peek of something pretty stinkin’ cute…

So, I probably should have taken a better picture of this but I was so excited to get the quilt top done, and it was almost one o’clock in the morning…lighting was terrible. I also couldn’t fit the entire top in a picture from any angle in my living room. I did want to share though. I added another border last night and plan to baste this together sometime today!! Stay tuned for completed project pictures!!

2014-10-25 23.07.14