A Quilt Story

2016 Quilting Goals Revisited

Well, I’ll admit I was not looking forward to reading my 2016 goals. I know I fell short for many of them. I was surprised I had as many as I did though. For some silly reason I thought I’d be able to quilt like I had in the past with a baby in the house. Ha!

So, here’s my review.

  1. Participate in a Quilting Bee.

I did this! It was a blast. I joined a Blossom Heart Beehive and I loved it. I’m now swarm mama to a new hive this year so definitely doing this one again! (I may be in a few more as well! Yikes! Quilting Bee addiction!) Here’s some of the blocks for my quilt (that has not been sewn yet!)


2. Make a few traditional block quilts.

Yeah…didn’t do this one! At all. Didn’t begin it – nothing!

3. Work on paper piecing.

I did do some paper piecing. A few of my bee blocks were paper pieced and I did a few other projects as well. Nothing huge but at least I’m working on it in bits. I call this one done!

Here are two of my paper pieced bee blocks!

2016-11-21-14-52-392016-05-01 20.50.27


4. Work on curved piecing.

Hey, I made a flimsy with curved pieces. I love it too. Technically, it needs some work. Curves are tough. I got better as it went though so I hope as I do more curved piecing in the future my technique improves. I just need to order the very specific fabric I really want to back it with so I can finish it! Here’s the top!


5. Complete 5 unfinished projects.

Ha. Hahaha. I finished two unfinished projects. They were my daughter’s Riding Hood Quilt and my aunt’s April Showers Giggle Box Quilt. I’ll do better next year!



6. Make more quilts this year than I did in 2015.

Yeah, this one didn’t happen either. Good news is that if I make this one of my 2017 goals it should be pretty easy! I only completed three quilts in 2016. The two I posted above and one more – a Bartholomew’s Reef Charm Quilt for my newest wee nephew! (Made a cute diaper bag too!)


7. Participate in more online quilting events.

This I did do!! I was in a quilting bee, I participated in a scrappy trip along blog swap, Dwell block swap, scrap mini quilt swap, Amy Butler mini quilt swap, Fall mini quilt swap…I cannot remember if that is all or not. I did very little blogging about any of it though – my blog was sadly neglected most of 2016. Hopefully that will improve as well. Here are some of my swap blogs/mini quilts.





8. Create a few holiday quilts. I love the idea of holiday quilts but so far, we have none. Zero. Zilch. I think 2016 is the year to change that. I’m not promising a quilt for every holiday but I want to start making a few each year until I do have one for each holiday. I really hope to get at least a Saint Patrick’s Day Quilt (hey it could be an Irish Chain and that would help me with #2) and a Christmas quilt complete. More would be great.

Well, I started a Valentine’s Day quilt but I’m not crazy about how it’s going so there is that. I didn’t do any other holiday quilts. I did make a stinkin’ cute Thanksgiving pillow that I love. 🙂


9. Make an I Spy Quilt.

Nope. Didn’t do it.

10. Work on organizing my sewing area(s).

I did this a bit but it needs a lot more attention. To be fair, this will be an ongoing thing for the rest of my life. I am not sure it will ever be completely done. I did reorganize my scraps into something more manageable. I still need to work on the overall organization of my areas.




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