A Quilt Story

Unexpected Hiatus

I accidentally took a blog hiatus it seems. I had such great plans for blogging all summer, at least, and then maintaining my blog during the school year. I knew I had an infant in the house, but so what? I mean, after all, wasn’t my oldest just a major handful at that age because I was a new, young mom? Wasn’t child number 2 and 3 a better reflection of how I had this motherhood thing under control? I mean, those two let me be their mother and continue to do whatever I wanted with their easygoing ways…(and yes, I have six kids but the other two came sleeping all night, potty trained, and basically able to care for themselves…:) )

Ha. Welcome baby number 4. She rules our house, my day and I’m sure, sometime soon, the world! A fierce, opinionated young lady, that I’m sure is destined for grand things. Which means I’m not getting a lot of sleep, housework, free time (including sewing time) and blogging has just jumped down the bottom of the list of things to get done.

But look at that sweet face!


I figure my blog will still be here when she gets older. (Which she is older than this picture which was also taken this summer! Photography is something I’m not having as much time for as well. Thank goodness for camera phones or this poor kiddo would have very few pictures!)

All that being said, I’m still quilting. I have three quilt finishes already this year. (Last year at this time I had over 10!) I’ve participated in several online swaps and quilting bees. I am doing two quilt-alongs, making sampler quilts (desperately trying to catch up on them anyway!) so I have been sewing.

I find myself up this morning, at 4:00 a.m. and the only one in the house awake. So here I am blogging! Who knows when the opportunity will occur again.

Now, about those quilt finishes… I posted about my first quilt finish in the early summer. It was a baby quilt for my newest little nephew, Bobby! Well, that got me motivated to finally finish up a quilt I’d started for Philippa. I certainly wanted her to be able to enjoy it before she outgrew it!

So, here’s quilt finish #2 for 2017 along with the high maintenance baby it belongs to! You are quite welcome for the cuteness overload!


I used a panel, pinwheel blocks and box in a box blocks for a quick quilt!


This quilt is a combination of hoarded Riley Blake Little Red Riding Hood prints along with Moda Little Red Riding Hood prints! I threw in some red and white polka dot from my stash.


I love how well the two lines played together!


I also purchased the panel to make a Little Red Riding Hood doll (from the Moda line) when I bought the fabrics to finish this quilt. Alas, that is still sitting in a project bin. Maybe it will make it’s way under the Christmas tree this year!

And before I sign off, one more baby picture because, hello, when you look this good the world should see you! Also, you should all get a first look at the person who will one day rule the world. Mark my words.





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