A Fabric Story

Stash Building

I’ve done a bit of stash building this month…far more than I’m usually allow myself. It’s been a lot of fun.


This is a combination of fabrics for a Dwell Block exchange, four fabrics for quilts already in progress or planned, and then some general stash building! I kinda love them all!


7 thoughts on “Stash Building”

    1. Me too!! I’d love a few yards of all the prints but I’m trying to restrain myself. They are such lovely colors and prints though!! I’d already had about ten prints before I added these. If I go slowly, maybe I can have them all. 🙂

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      1. I just finished a quilt using a layer cake of them…I’ll be posting about it later today. I’m so tickled with how it turned out! I too would love to buy bolts of them, ha but I haven’t hit the lottery; -)


      2. Haha. I know, right? I tell my kids I’d love to be a millionaire so I could get any fabric I wanted. Not buy a bigger house, quit my job, or go on fancy vacations…just buy all the fabric. 🙂

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