A Potholder Story

A Scrappy Dresden Potholder

So, I’m a big fan of Amanda at Crazy Mom Quilts. She’s a huge believer in using up your scraps.I dig that philosophy for two reasons.

#1 Scraps are really freakin’ cool! Some of my favorite projects have been made with scraps. I love finding a fabric purchased for one project taking space in other bits of things around the house. I adore hearing my third grader saying, “Hey Mom. My Easter dress fabric and fabric from my first day of school dress are in this quilt!”

#2 Scrappy projects are less expensive. I’m usually broke (I have six kids!) so I like that I can quilt and work on other sewing projects without having to hit the quilt shop every time I get sewing fever. (Don’t let this make you think I do not absolutely love buying new fabric. That would be a lie.)

Well, Amanda keeps up with her scrappy projects and I just adore the idea. I meant to begin doing it at the beginning of the year but I forgot. (Probably the whole, sleep deprived mother of an infant that loves nothing more than to wake up and play when everyone else is asleep had something to do with it.) I’d considered just waiting until 2017 to start keeping up with scrap projects but I likely will forget again. Besides, I do not want to wait.

So, I’m going to begin now. It’s early in April, so it’s a beginning. It will do. (I should have made my pin cushions from yesterday the beginning of my list but I worried if I started going back then, well, I wouldn’t know quite where to stop. Today it is.)

Here’s scrap project #1. A scrappy Dresden potholder.

2016-03-31 16.54.54

I’m working on making a bunch of new potholders for my kitchen (that will hopefully be remodeled painted this summer.) I’m wanting a lot of new handmade, funky, scrappy goodies for the kitchen – table runners, cloth napkins, place mats, etc.

My sister-in-law bought me a Dresden ruler for Christmas. I was super excited. I’m just now getting it out and using it. I didn’t want to do a quilt at the moment-too many unfinished quilting projects in the works – so I decided a potholder would be the perfect way to play around with my new toy and actually finish something!

I must admit, even with the suspect machine binding, I adore this potholder and making it was a ton of fun!




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