A Quilt Story

Bee Hive Blocks for February

Whoa February. Since I have been back at work the entire month and that baby girl (not to mention all the older kids) are keeping me super busy, it took forever to complete my February Bee Block! I also seemed to have a difficult time getting the size correct (which means I was either cutting or stitching in too much of a hurry!)

I ended up making four blocks before I made one that was the correct size. The others are only 1/4″ short, so I think I may just make myself a quilt and keep making more of these blocks. They are lovely…

Here is the block I’m sending.

2016-02-25 23.17.13

It’s called Spinwheel and you can find the directions to make it here. It’s a lot of fun because you actually get pinwheels in all six colors when you add multiple blocks.

Here are all four blocks I made together so you can see the different pinwheels.

2016-02-25 23.13.03

See why I want to make one of these for myself? Anyway, with three blocks done I’ve got a bit of a start on it! I just might need to acquire some more fabrics in the colors so I do not have too many repeats. šŸ™‚




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