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Modern HST Sampler – Blocks 3 and 4

I hoping on for a short and sweet update on my Modern HST Sampler, block of the month progress.

I’m a bit behind on my blocks…life has just been so busy. I am caught up now by doing my last two blocks at the same time.

Here’s block #3, the Lantern Block.

2016-02-13 20.47.20

Here’s block #4, the Stepping Stones block.

2016-02-23 19.35.46

And here are all four blocks together! I’m loving them all so much! I really cannot wait to have this all done.

2016-02-21 23.41.25

You can join the fun and find the instructions for these blocks at Blossom Heart Quilts. Told you it would be short and sweet. Have to run! I’m sure at least one kid needs a ride somewhere!


2 thoughts on “Modern HST Sampler – Blocks 3 and 4”

  1. I’m loving this quilt a long too but like you not always keeping up with making the new blocks as they are published! I really like your choice of background fabric and the bright colours ☺


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