A Quilt Story

Bee Hive Blocks for January

I’m so very excited to have joined an online quilting bee this year! You may be wondering about an online quilting bee but it’s super simple. You join a group of twelve quilters called a swarm. Each month one of the quilters is Queen Bee. She selects the block and color scheme she prefers and all the other members make and mail quilt blocks to her.

My particular group is in the Blossom Heart Bee Hive. The quilt blocks we are selecting are all found here.

My month is June, which is great because I’ll just be getting out of school for summer break. I’m really excited about it and have already begun a Pinterest board with color inspiration! (No need to wait until the last minute, right?)

Before all that, I do have blocks to make for other swarm members though. Our Queen Bee Patti selected the Quarterfoil Block in blue, purple and lime green with a white background fabric.  I hit up my fabrics scraps to see what I had in those colors. (I really do need to work on my purple selection!)

My first attempt was a bit wonky. I didn’t have all my points lining up nicely and the overall block was a bit too small. Also, the stripes in the center of the block are a bit crooked. I was so careful about making sure my corner lines were straight, I’m afraid I didn’t spend as much time on the center…I assumed it would line up nicely, I guess. Overall, the entire block looks sloppy to me.

2016-01-04 15.18.53

I decided to give it another try (I want my swarm members to have nice blocks that are easy to put in a quilt top, right?) I was more careful and it turned out much better. The size was spot on and my points all line up! Yay for precision!

2016-01-05 09.22.11

I ended up mailing her both blocks in case she wanted to try to make the other one work or trim it up and put in a quilt back, etc.  These were a lot of fun to make and I cannot wait to see her finished quilt!

2016-01-05 09.22.45

Now, I’m ready to tackle February’s blocks. I’m also most definitely ready for June to get here!!



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