A Baby Sewing Story

Bib Bonanza

I had all these big plans to sew lots of baby stuff while I was pregnant. I put it off for awhile because I wanted to get as many Christmas gift quilts made before I got started. By the time I got around to baby sewing I was pretty miserable and the thought of sewing often made me want to cry.

In the end, I really didn’t sew that much for the new baby. I did however, kinda go bib crazy.

2015-11-12 13.04.32

These were so much fun to make!! They are not all for Philippa, however. Only seven are hers. Two girl bibs and two boy bibs went to two co-workers that were also expecting and extra boy bib went into my gift closet for the next time I need a shower gift. (I have another co-worker expecting in March. I work in a very large school!) I did consider keeping my extra boy bib for Philippa, because really, doesn’t everyone love bugs? Even girls?

2015-11-12 13.03.27

I wouldn’t have a problem with my daughter wearing this! However, I figured we had enough bibs and it’s nice to have a wee bit of a head start on some gifts!  Here is the other boy bib I made. (Would totally use it for a girl also.)

2015-11-12 13.03.34

These next two are the ones I gave to a friend having a daughter. Philippa has a bib just like them as well.

2015-11-12 13.03.48

2015-11-12 13.03.41

And here is the entire assortment!

2015-11-12 13.04.19


2015-11-12 13.08.28

…and here’s one modeled photo for your enjoyment. I do love having these handmade bibs. 🙂

2016-01-05 09.32.02


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