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Work in Progress Wednesday – A Valentine Beginning

So I’ve decided to begin a Valentine’s Day Quilt. I’ve been working on these blocks between projects and when Miss Philippa (who happens to be two months old today!) will let me.


They are super easy to make. I took a charm pack (Kiss Kiss from Abi Hall of Moda) and just sliced vertically and added a solid 1″ strip. After ironing the block I sliced it again horizontally and added another solid strip. I’m mixing my solids up to match most of the colors in the fabric line. They are a lot of fun to make. I’m not 100% sure what I’ll do with the blocks when they are done – one charm pack (especially when you lose the seam allowance) doesn’t make a very large quilt on it’s on. It will be fun to see how it ends up. It’s also fun to sometimes sew without any real plan!

This is my favorite block so far – I really love polka dots!


Once again, I’m linking up with other WIP Wednesday bloggers over at Freshly Pieced. Check it out to see other projects in progress!

Oh, and if you want to see what an oh, so sweet, adorable, irresistible, two month old Philippa Rae looks like, look no further. Is it any wonder I’m having trouble finishing any quilts?




6 thoughts on “Work in Progress Wednesday – A Valentine Beginning”

  1. Two months old? And you are quilting? Yay for you. I, too, really love polka dots but I agree Philippa is much cuter. Charms packs do not make really big quilts. Philippa does not need a really big one. Those wonky blocks and cheerful colors make me smile and they will keep her smiling, too.


  2. Philippa Rae is adorable!!!! And your Valentine quilt is going to be lovely as well!!! You must have great organizational skills to be quilting with such a new baby – but it’s never too early to inspire the next generation of quilters!


    1. Haha. Anyone reading this that knows me in real life will be laughing their head off. The thing is, I quilt when I should be doing laundry or the dishes…:) Miss Philippa has made me slow down a bit but that’s okay. I’m enjoying the time with my very last baby. 🙂


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