A Quilt Story

Boy Quilts

I’m running out of time this year to post the last few quilts I completed so I’m going to lump them together in one post. I decided fairly early in the year that I wanted each child in my house to receive a new quilt for Christmas. (That was way before we knew there would be a new addition to the family!) My 14 and 15 year old boys were the last of the six quilts I needed to complete before Christmas.

I didn’t begin either one of these quilts until December. Fortunately, they were both simple tops to complete.

One of the fun things about these quilts is the boys both basically designed their quilts.

Landon’s quilt featured lots of science and math fabrics – which totally suits him. He selected the fabrics early in the year and even sketched out a design he liked on graph paper. He also decided the dimensions and cut his own fabric because math makes him happy.

We’re calling this quilt The Mad Scientist!

2015-12-21 09.52.25

Here’s a close up of some of the fabrics…

2015-12-21 09.53.17

2015-12-21 09.53.12

2015-12-21 09.52.31

Daunte wanted a Pokemon inspired quilt. I had a design in mind (that featured some log cabin blocks with a lot of negative space) but he also sketched out a design that he liked. The funny thing is that at the last minute he came in one day and said, “Wouldn’t it be cool if you could make a quilt like…” and started sketching. I was a wee bit uncertain because I was running out of time but when he showed me his sketch it looked pretty simple.

I got busy and finished this simple top in one night, thanks to his use of squares and rectangles instead of the traditional circles that inspired this design.

Here’s a look at the quilt we’ve named Poke Ball.

2015-12-27 17.33.12

Although it’s simple and although I rarely like quilts made about characters, I really love how this turned out. I do not think it’s a blatant character quilt. I love the modern look of the graphic design and all the negative space. It’s also the first quilt I’ve ever made using nothing but solid fabrics. I do not think it will be the last. 🙂

2015-12-27 17.34.59

2015-12-27 17.33.17

2015-12-27 17.33.37

I’m really proud of the great job they did and love that they are taking an interest in quilting! It was fun to work on designs they thought up on their own.

2015-12-27 17.28.57

2015-12-27 17.27.50



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