A Quilt Story

A Lovely Year of Finishes – December Goal Complete

I didn’t finish nearly as many monthly goals as I’d hoped this year but it sure does feel good finishing the year off with a completed goal. I finally finished my Black and White Splash Quilt for my oldest daughter’s Christmas present. (I also finished two other quilts in December but I’ll blog about those later…one still needs pictures!)

I began this quilt in the spring of 2014 and finished all the blocks. Then this quilt went into my UFO stack. I finally dusted the blocks off over the summer and finished the quilt top. It was even my October finishing goal but I didn’t quilt at all in October (I was so very miserably pregnant that month.) It has taken me a bit to get it all done though and I didn’t baste, quilt or bind until well into December. I’m going to blame being pregnant and having a newborn for my procrastination.  🙂

2015-12-21 09.46.55

I’m very happy with how this quilt turned out. It was a lot of fun to make.

2015-12-21 09.46.15

The quilt in the book was an aqua quilt with an orange block in the center. Although I was worried my quilt would look Halloweenish, I really wanted to do a black/white with orange block for the feature block because my daughter decorates in orange, turquoise and black/white. I’m actually very pleased with these colors and do not feel that they are Halloweenish at all. I think the fabrics used – and the addition of some yellows in the orange fabrics helped a lot.

2015-12-21 09.47.42

There really are some fun fabrics in this quilt – I adore the tennis shoes, bicycles and music notes…

2015-12-21 09.46.07

By the way, neither of these girls are the quilts recipient…I was photographing this before Christmas and wanted some people in the photographs. I will post some after Christmas pictures of Shiloh with her quilt later.

2015-12-21 09.48.43

2015-12-21 09.56.13

2015-12-21 09.55.10

It may not be their quilt but they are enjoying it anyway. My kids love playing with quilts!

I loosely followed the pattern for the Splash Quilt in Sunday Morning Quilts to make this quilt. Seriously, I say this all the time, but you all need this book!! You’ll thank me for recommending it later. I love every quilt in it!!

I’m linking up at Sew Bittersweet Designs for A Lovely Year of Finishes. Click the button below to see what goals everyone else completed in December!









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