A Baby Sewing Story

Baby Sewing Personal Challenge – Night #6 Ooooppps!

Uh, yeah. Maybe I skipped a few nights. Oooopppps!!

In my defense, I’m one tired, 34 week pregnant, mother of five with a husband that is MIA most of the time due to work. Thursday night my husband was within driving distance of the house so after ballet, band and drama kids were all picked up and delivered home I drove up to have dinner with him. After I made it home sewing just wasn’t happening! Friday night I worked the concession stand for the football game – band booster mom stuff. Well, I wasn’t sewing after that either!

Today, I had plans to catch up completely but a nap got in the way. So on Day #6 I have five completed projects! At least I’m getting some done though. We have Monday off from work so I hope to make a diaper bag then!

Well, here they are.

Project #4 – another scrappy bib!

2015-10-10 21.27.37

and Project #5 – yet another scrappy bib. Good heavens these sew up fast. Guess that’s why I’m so quick to make this my current go to pattern!

2015-10-10 21.27.24

This purple and gray one may be my favorite so far. I do admit, these bibs are so stinkin’  cute. I may just make a hundred or so. The ones the baby doesn’t use can always become gifts! I happen to know several other pregnant ladies!

2015-10-10 21.28.52

Oh, I also left the batting out of these two today to make a more lightweight bib. I love the bibs done both ways.

Here’s a picture of the collection so far.

2015-10-10 21.28.26

I’m getting pretty dang close to a week’s supply! Hopefully, I’ll be back tomorrow evening with another baby sewing project.


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