A Baby Sewing Story

Baby Sewing Personal Challenge – Night #3

Three nights in a row!! I almost didn’t sew tonight. I was so very tired and had a bad day at work. I’m glad I did though. I love my newest baby bib!

Here’s my fabric combo – lots of purples and greens! Fun, bright fabrics!

2015-10-05 21.38.21

Project #3 – yet another bib using the same tutorial!

2015-10-07 21.29.28

I really think I’m going to pull a different pattern for my next one. Not that I do not like this tutorial – it’s great! I just need to change things up a bit. I’m also thinking I may do a full patchwork bib next. Or a burp cloth. Whoever knows?

Although I am loving these nontraditional colors, I may actually do a little shopping for some softer, pastel fabrics. I like modern but I also like traditional. Once again though, we shall see!

Here’s my current bib collection!

2015-10-07 21.30.18

Not a bad beginning at all! See you tomorrow night!



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