A Baby Sewing Story

Baby Sewing Personal Challenge – Night #2

I admit I’m pretty excited to make it to night #2. Seriously ya’ll, this is one tired mama!!

Project #2 is another bib using the same tutorial (with measurement adjustments) as last night. I really liked last night’s bib and, more importantly, it was a quick sew. Tonight it took me about twenty minutes to make this bib.

Some of the fabrics I was auditioning last night definitely made the cut. I left my piles on my sewing table so I could look at them in a new light today and this pile just made me so happy!

2015-10-05 21.37.46

Not traditional little girl colors but I’m not worried about that at all. Why stick will all pink when there are so many lovely colors out there?

Here’s bib #2.

2015-10-06 21.13.43

I used a lot of the blue because I just loved this fabric so much! I think it’s super sweet all together!

It’s not much but I’m excited to have two bibs complete!

2015-10-06 21.14.20

See you tomorrow night with a new project…I hope!


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