A Baby Sewing Story

Baby Sewing Personal Challenge – Night #1

I am 33.5 weeks pregnant with what will be the sixth kid in this house. It’s been nine years since I’ve had a baby and all the baby items have long been given away. I seriously have nothing. This isn’t exactly a bad thing. Since we have a full house, I do not have room for massive amounts of baby equipment. I learned long ago that I do not need a Diaper Genie, three different bouncers, or a baby wipe warmer. We’ve simplified.

That being said, I do need a few things. I’d like to make a lot of it as well. I didn’t learn to sew until the current baby (nine in less than a month) was four years old. I’m excited about making baby stuff…I just haven’t started (other than one baby quilt). Since two of my children were born at 34.5 weeks (and none past 38 weeks) I’ve come to realize I am running out of time.

So, I have decided to complete one baby project a day as long as I can stand it. Bibs, burp rags, receiving blankets, swaddling blankets, and that sort of thing are what I am concentrating on.

Project #1 was tonight. I made a stripwork bib using this tutorial from Sew She Sews. It was a quick project that took me less than a half hour. I’ve been saving this pink gingham and black/ivory polka dot together for awhile for a baby project. Another large scrap (and scraps of batting) completed the project!

2015-10-05 21.48.28

I’m thinking I need a tiny, black satin bow on here somewhere.

Here’s my back – could be reversible!

2015-10-05 21.48.50

It was such fun, and so easy, I’m pretty sure I’ll be making a lot of these! Here are a few fabrics that are auditioning for the part…

2015-10-05 21.38.10

2015-10-05 21.37.46

These are going to be super cute!! Now, let’s see how many nights I can stick with my challenge!


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