A Quilt Story

Candy Coated Complete!

With just a bit of September left, I managed another completed quilt! Woohoo! I posted a sneak peek of it a little over a week ago. Here she is, in all her glory – Candy Coated, from the book Sunday Morning Quilts! (FYI, if you do not have this book buy it! Buy it now! It’s amazing! I get nothing but the warm feeling of knowing you will get a great book by saying that.)


I really enjoy scrap projects so much. It’s always fun to sort through fabrics you’ve used in various projects and remember what they were from. Rebekah will point them all out and remind everyone (everyone who  doesn’t really care) what they’ve been in before.

“This one is in my bird quilt.”

” You made Alexis a dress from that one.”

“This one is from my Bake Shoppe Birthday Party.”

“That was the pants that went under my elephant shirt.”

“That is from Paxton’s baby blanket.”

“That was on my heart shirt.”

She rarely doesn’t know the original purpose of one of my scrap fabrics and I love it!


I used a similar color combination as the book suggested. My colors are darker (she used softer pinks, less reds than I did) but we both used reds, pinks and grays. I had  a lot more dark pinks than I would have thought. I’m not a big pink person (although I like pink – I just rarely seem to purchase pink fabrics!) Obviously, I’ve accumulated more than I thought I had.


It is fun to see these fabrics playing nicely together. Fun to see fabrics going together that when I purchased I’d have never dreamed would be paired together.

I love this Sara Jane Wee Wander fabric for the binding. I tried a few black and white combinations for binding and wasn’t happy with how they auditioned. This bright pink was a much better choice, methinks. I also cut the binding to three inches. It made it easier to bind than my regular 2.5 inch binding but I think I like the look of 2.5 inch binding better. Oh well, it was worth the try.



And here’s a look at the backing fabric. My girls think this is the coolest. My step-son said it doesn’t work well with the front and the combination gives him a headache. Lol.  I happen to like it.


Here’s a better view of the entire backing…


This makes nine quilts completed in 2015! Only two more to pass up how many quilts I made in 2014. I think it’s very likely I will be able to do this (although basting this quilt on the floor with my 8 month pregnant belly was quite the chore!)


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