A Quilt Story

Candy Coated – A Work in Progress

Some days you just have to start a new project. I don’t need a new project. I need to finish a pile of old projects. It just happens though…some new photograph, pile of fabric, or in this case scraps, just call out your name.

I’ve been wanting to make this quilt for awhile. It’s from my favorite quilting book Sunday Morning Quilts. It’s called Candy Coated.

It began with a pile of strips…all sorted for me by my kiddos! (Well, some of them took turns ironing them as well. I’m raising them right!)

2015-08-28 21.17.25

Then I began sewing rows of strips…

2015-08-29 08.34.00

2015-08-28 21.17.33

And more rows…

2015-08-29 09.20.26

And more…

2015-08-30 09.15.48

And I now have a quilt top all ready for basting. (Gah. I hate basting!)

2015-09-12 09.33.52-2

I do like the way this quilt it turning out though. I cannot wait to finish it. I hope I can have it done this month! I’m thinking of backing it with black and white fabric so I’ll have to see what I have in my stash!

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7 thoughts on “Candy Coated – A Work in Progress”

  1. I’ll have to borrow Sunday Morning again to remind myself of the quilts I thought about making. This one sure seems like a great one to use strings. It’s a beautiful quilt.

    So if you use black on the back it will make me think of Good ‘n Plenty candy with pink, black, and white. Do you like licorice?


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