A Quilt Story

Splash Quilt in Black and Orange

I’ve raved before about how much I love the book Sunday Morning Quilts. One of my favorite quilts is the Sunday Morning Quilt I made for my bed. Seriously…love that quilt!

Well before that quilt came into being I began working on the Splash quilt from the book. The pattern called for blue fabrics with a single orange block (sashed in white) for contrast. My oldest daughter decorates her room in black/white, orange, and turquoise. I decided insanely bravely, to make this quilt for her with black/white fabrics in place of the blue.

I admit, the color combination made me a wee bit nervous. I did not want this quilt to look like a Halloween quilt. My fabrics were far from spooky and spidery so I trusted that it would work out!

Here is my quilt top!

2015-08-17 20.05.01

That’s it…just this one little sneak peek!

I think these colors worked out nicely. The damasks, Eiffel Tower prints, music notes and such do not have a hint of the Halloween season to them. The orange has some yellow in it so I think that helped as well.

This will be a Christmas gift for my oldest daughter! When I get this finished up I will have three of the six quilts completed I need for my kids Christmas this year. I’ve completed the Flip Flop quilt for my step-daughter and my youngest daughter’s quilt is complete but I haven’t posted about it yet. (I should be doing that by next week!) Glad to be making some progress on these projects!


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