A Pillow Story

Aye Pirate-y Pillowcase

My sister has three boys. Two have summer birthdays, approximately two weeks apart and the other has a January birthday. Last year for the summer boys, I made a few roll up pillowcases as gifts. Six months later, when the youngest has his birthday, I totally forgot what I’d done for the others. Anyway, he got a really cool handmade sword that the father of one of my co-workers makes.

This year, we vacationed with my sister and her boys. The older two brought their awesome handmade pillowcases and Sawyer, bless his heart, had a brown pillowcase.

“Aunt Bethany,” he asked sweetly, “can you make me a really cool pillowcase?”

Yes. I felt guilty.

Late last week, while the boys were staying with my parents, I whipped out a pillowcase for him.

2015-07-10 21.30.20

All pirate-y and very much Sawyer’s kind of thing.

2015-07-11 09.32.17

I think he liked it.

2015-07-11 09.32.34

2015-07-11 09.32.49

2015-07-11 09.32.25


Here’s a link to a youtube tutorial by The Crafty Gemini, to make a similar pattern (I used different measurements so there is some room for adjustments!)


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