A Quilt Story

My Very First Quilt – Sort of…

In January 2014 I was bit by the quilting bug. Like most hobbies, I become rather obsessed quickly and this was no exception. My very first quilt top to complete was this jelly roll quilt.


I made it at a Girl’s Night Out at my favorite local quilt shop, The Fabric Dock.

The next day, I whipped out another jellyroll quilt top and then moved on to more difficult designs. I completed yet another quilt top before I actually finished a quilt! The Sweet Charlotte was my first finish (it was also my fourth quilt top).

This year, I was resolved to make a dent in some of my unfinished quilting projects. I finished my one block log cabin and my flip flop quilt already this year. I had to look around a bit to find fabric from the PB&J line from Basic Grey by Moda…it was pretty popular last year and I had a hard time finding any available yardage to make my backing.

I finally found some earlier this year and put this quilt together…it only took 18 months!!



My nephew, Sawyer, was hanging around today so I nabbed him as my human to throw in the pictures!


Can you even handle this much cute?



And here’s a look at the binding. I love this fabric but it doesn’t pop like my binding usually does. It blends in with the quilt pretty well but I figure there’s room for all looks in my quilt. And as always, I just love picking out binding fabric. (Even when the selection is slim because the fabrics are hard to find!)



Oh, and in case you didn’t get enough of this cutie, here is one more!



So, here’s to finishing the first quilt I ever started!!


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