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A Lovely Year of Finishes – March Goal Complete

Can we just yell this from the top of a building please?? I’m over the moon excited to have this project done. I ran into several snags along the way and it is also the largest (by quite a bit) quilt that I’ve managed to quilt on my domestic machine! And it is finally finished! Wahoooooooooooo! 


This quilt was a beast to quilt. I was frustrated so many times. My machine jammed up on me in the middle of the project and had to be serviced. I had some issues with blocks not lining up perfectly and thought that since it was a bit of an improv quilt it wouldn’t matter much….until it came to the quilting. Oh my goodness did I have a hot mess! (This quilt will not be entering the fair anytime soon!) I love it though. I love it so much. It is now on my bed and I smile every. single. time. I see it! And what is better than that? I’d much rather this quilt I love so much than one perfectly constructed. (I suppose I should really start working on being more accurate though. Gah! Self improvement is tough!) Here are a few lot more photos of the completed quilt!

Sunday Morning_1

Oh yes. You noticed that is not my usual model? This quilt was a bit large so I grabbed a taller model. Isn’t he handsome?


He even enjoyed running with the quilt. I guess you do not outgrow some things! (Totally his idea!)


Ignore those threads. I swear they multiply. I always think I’ve trimmed them all until looking through my pictures.


She may have been feeling a bit left out…

SundayMorning_4 SundayMorning_6 SundayMorning_5

Yeah, my models were bored and decided to play in the trees…

2015-03-14 18.20.51 2015-03-14 18.21.46

Just a few more looks at this gorgeous fabric…

SundayMorning_9 SundayMorning_10

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