A Quilt Story

Flip Flops – A Quilt in Progress

I’ve really not made very many quilts using specific directions from a pattern. I have a block of the month from last year I never completed. I believe that is the only one I used an actual pattern for until this quilt (and I’m seriously considering taking what I have done and doing something completely different with it!) I often see a quilt I like and use it for inspiration to make a quilt but I really like my way of doing things and rarely do them the way the instruction online or in a magazine say to do it. I often resize, or make my half square triangles differently, add or take away borders, etc.

This quilt, however, is being made exactly per instructions. I found it in the book Strip Smart II by Kathy Brown. There are lots of really cute quilts in this book. The name of the one I’m making is Flip Flops. It uses a jelly roll (or other 2″ strips) along with a background fabric.

2015-03-22 19.50.28

It does require a special ruler that makes cutting the triangles a piece of cake.

I’m almost done. I finished quilting it this morning and I’m currently working on a strippy binding that uses up the leftover strips in my jelly roll (per pattern instructions! Go me!)

2015-03-22 19.36.03

I cannot wait to see it all finished! Hopefully I’ll have the binding on by next weekend!

My thoughts on using a pattern as written – still debating on how I feel about it. I’m so sure it’s good for me but I think I enjoy working things out myself best. I have my eye on a few other quilts based off a specific pattern but we’ll see! There are a few in this book that I still want to make but I’ll probably end up making a few changes…it just feels good to make it my own!

Note: Although I don’t often follow a pattern exactly, I do draw inspiration from them all the time. I sometimes use their cutting directions or their border ideas. I still buy them!! I just rarely do them exactly as written. I definitely need the inspiration!


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