A Fabric Story

Stashy Stuff

Well, I was up super late last night and as late as I could manage tonight considering I have a job and kids that will need breakfast in the morning! No finished quilt (although it is oh so close!) I did manage some fun fabric finds this week!

I finally ordered fabric for my son’s quilt. I had his help in the selection and went with fabrics from the Science Fair  and Mod Geek lines by Robert Kaufman. My son is a total science and math nerd (Science Olympiad team, Math club, googling trigonometry lessons for fun, obsessed with how many digits of pi he can memorize…) When I found this line I knew he would love it. He was giddy excited over the equations, the periodic table of elements, the atom designs and the bow ties.

2015-03-01 10.07.57

I’m excited about starting a quilt for him. I’m a little unsure yet as to the pattern I will make. Landon really hates improv or anything without a definite pattern. He loves very geometric looking patterns or patterns with secondary designs. I have a few ideas rolling around but I’m very open to suggestions!

I hit up Hobby Lobby for a few stash builders early this week. I added some black, orange, and navy gingham, white with black pin dot (I love to have lots of this around!) and some black and white stripe. I also picked up the black and white shoe fabric. I can totally see the shoe fabric being the background to a quilt with lots of bright colors!

2015-03-01 10.05.09

While dropping my machine off to be serviced earlier this week I picked up a charm pack of Moda’s Summer Breeze III. With each purchase (if you bring in a reusable bag) you get a free fat quarter so I picked one out. Rebekah wanted a fat quarter of her own so I let her pick one out as well (she selected the purple one!)

2015-03-01 10.06.31

And lastly, on my way to pick my oldest child up from art school on Friday, I stopped at a little shop that I pass all the time but almost never while it is open. I caught it this week and they have a great deal on fabrics if you don’t mind searching a bit. It’s usually older prints but the price is very good. I picked up all these fabrics on sale (except the brown one – that was on clearance at Hobby Lobby!) Oh, the star print was Rebekah’s choice. She plans on making a pillowcase out of her selection.

2015-03-01 10.05.49


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