A Pillow Story

The Roll Up Pillowcase – A Sewing Quickie!

Sometimes you just need a project you can whip up in a half hour. Maybe you are like me and spend most of you time making quilts that take days, months or years to complete and you would just like to finish something fast. Maybe you only have nap time to sew. Maybe you only like quick projects because you have attention span issues (been there!) Whatever your reason, this weekend, I played with a few quick projects and it was so much fun!

I’ve already blogged about a multi-apron that took less than an hour to complete. Now I’d like to share the roll up pillowcase!


I’ve made several of these pillowcases before. My local quilt shop has participated in several charity events where we sew pillowcases to donate. I also made two of my nephews pillowcases last year for their birthday. It’s such a simple pattern, I keep saying I’m going to make lots of these for around the house and I never seem to get around to it.

Today, while looking for a quick project, I decided it was time to make one for our house. I hit up my stash and found these fun Jennifer Paganelli, Amy Butler and Sara Jane fabrics and seriously, how cute are they? (And they totally match my kid but that was just a happy accident!)


Although I didn’t actually use the tutorial posted (I went from memory) here is a Crafty Gemini youtube tutorial on how it works!

I used slightly different measurements. For the cuff I used 10″ of fabric and for the trim I used 4″ of fabric. Other than that, this is the same as my method!

And it made one eight year old girl in my house some kind of happy!!




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