An Apron Story

The Multi-Apron from One Thimble

The sixth edition of my favorite eZine, One Thimble, has just recently released. As always, it is full of amazing articles and a wonderful assortment of great patterns!

The multi-apron, by Michele from Sew and Sow really caught my attention. It has three different options for a practical apron and I selected to make the peg apron. I’m a school librarian by day and getting ready to have my second book fair this year. I thought this apron would be perfect to wear during these events, as I’m always needing rolls of tape, pens, pencils, paperclips, etc. and always laying them down in places I cannot remember.


This version of the multi-apron features a kangaroo pouch for stashing things like clothespins (or in my case, I’ll be poking everything from my library in!) It has short ties that tie in the back so as not to get in the way of the pocket. The pocket is roomy with lots of space for stashing! The apron sews up super fast. I believe I went from printing the pattern pieces (very few pieces + a cutting chart!) to completed in about 45 minutes!


Here’s my sister modeling for me. Isn’t she a cutie?

(Oh, you can see one of my One Thimble quilts in this picture – the pink one! Blogged about that here.)

The only change I made in the pattern was adding an additional three inches to the width of the apron. In my family we are all about that bass so I wanted to make sure it went all the way around nicely. I think it would have worked just fine without the additional fabric but I like it with the additional fabric!!



And now my mother and sister are asking for aprons of their own. I think it was a big hit!



This apron would make a great gift for family members and you could whip up several in an afternoon. The kangaroo pouch not what you are looking for? There are other options that make this a great market apron or gardening apron found in the pattern. They include loops for tools and hidden zipper pouches for money (or other goodies!)

As with other One Thimble patterns, the instructions are amazing with lots of photos to help you along the way. I highly recommend you check it out! I know I’ll be making several more of these!


5 thoughts on “The Multi-Apron from One Thimble”

  1. I love it Bethany, thanks so much…& those quilts in the background, divine!!! The greens are my colours, I couldn’t take my eyes off that one!


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