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Every Day Tank Top

Hi! This is my very first blog tour to be a part of and I’m going to admit that I’m a total newb! I’ve already goofed by posting late! Eeeeekkkk!!!

However, I do want to share with you this amazing pattern! I fell in love with the Every Day Tank Top back when it was being tested. My daughter, who I make most of her wardrobe, is sadly, getting older. Although she is very easy and loves ruffles still, at eight, I know these days are numbered. I’m also trying to dress her more where she looks her age and not like a toddler.

The Every Day Tank Top (with a top and two dress versions), the most recent pattern from Serger Pepper, is the perfect staple for her wardrobe.

2014-09-20 17.37.21

This was the perfect piece to go with blue jeans! I chose to feature an old Mickey t-shirt of my older daughter’s to get some new life out of it.  The shirt graphic was in great shape but since the tee was made from a pretty thin knit I used a solid knit on the back of the tee instead of the shirt material. Red stripes were the perfect compliment to this fun design.

2014-09-20 17.36.56

I’m going to tell you that this garment is one comfortable piece! Rebekah loves wearing it and is free to run,play, maneuver however she sees fit. The fit is amazing and we get comments whenever we wear it out!

2014-09-20 17.29.47

In fact, we love  it so much that we’ve made more than one!! Here is our school picture outfit this year – we went with the midi dress version and added side pockets (all versions that come with this pattern). It was fun playing with the black, white, and pops of hot pink in this one.

2014-09-20 17.47.32

We also needed an outfit for Superhero Day at school. As much as my daughter loves superheros, we didn’t have a shirt or costume for her. So, after raiding her 13 year old brother’s wardrobe, we up-cycled another tee.


She can even fly in this one!!


I won’t post my testing pictures because you can easily read about them here (though I’m in love with that version of this dress as well so I encourage you to hop over and see it!) I will tell you that I am a lady in possession of over 500 PDF patterns. I rarely remake any of them. I love to diversify and try new patterns and it makes me feel more justified about having more patterns than I can ever sew up by trying out new ones from my enormous Dropbox pattern file! This top/dress, however, I’ve already made four times this school year. I have plans for at least two others in the near future. This is definitely a favorite of ours!

Reasons I recommend this pattern:

*It’s a quick sew. You can have it made in 1-1 1/2 hours.

*Great up-cycle piece.


*Children can dress themselves! (Hello, this one is HUGE!)

*Many pattern variations included in the pattern (as well as lots of pattern hacks during the tour this week!)

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So seriously, what are you waiting for? A coupon, did you say? A discount? A giveaway? Well…isn’t this your lucky day (week?) I have just the thing!

You can use the coupon code BLOGTOUR40 at Serger Pepper’s website or etsy store for a 40% discount. This is good through Sunday so hurry, hurry, hurry!!

There is also a giveaway for a chance at winning TWO Serger Pepper patterns (so if you need leggings or undies to go with your new Every Day Tank Top you have it. There are several great patterns in the Serger Pepper shop!) You can earn TWO entries a day so come back tomorrow for another chance! I cannot wait to see who wins! Good luck! (Oh, if you happen to win the giveaway after you purchase the pattern you will have the choice of another pattern or a $10 store credit that will not expire until next year!)

Click here to enter a Rafflecopter giveaway for the free patterns!

2014-09-20 17.38.41


2014-09-20 17.48.22


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