A Quilt Story

It’s Not Easy Being Green and Singing the Blues

Earlier this week I shared the progress I was making on my most recent quilting project and I’m happy to say that I finally have completed pictures to share! While I was snapping a few pictures, I nabbed another quilt I’d finished but never photographed so I’m sharing two today.

I never did share this first one because it is meant to be a gift. I am pretty certain that the recipient of the gift will not be hanging out on sewing blogs anytime soon so I decided to chance it. Likely both quilts will be gifts – I just haven’t determined who will be getting what exactly. I’m working on that. I keep changing my mind!

Here is my most recent completed quilting project, It’s Not Easy Being Green. You can read where I became inspired to create this quilt in my previous post.


I am pretty happy with how this turned out. I think the greens are a fun, happy color for a quilt. These fabrics are all scraps from my stash and I’m especially fond of lots of them. I may be partial to the sweet watermelons scattered throughout! (I know…I’m way off on my seasons here! That’s what happens when you start a quilt top in late spring/early summer but do not complete it for months!)


I love a pretty quilt top but I’ll admit, quilt backs make me happy as well. I love being able to show off lovely fabrics in large amounts! It’s a great way to use up a favorite print and be able to admire it in all it’s glory! I had an adorable green print with houses and little dotted paths I’d been hoarding to make my daughter something out of and I never got around to it. (No need to feel badly for her…she has plenty of handmade goodies!) While deciding on a backing for the quilt I kept coming back to this particular fabric. I thought it would add a touch of whimsy. Pieced with a floral and some yellow trim I think it added the perfect touch to this quilt.


So, there you have it! All done!


Now, about that other quilt. I’ve actually had it completed for months. I signed up to take a nine patch class at my local quilt shop with my sister-in-law. While looking for fabrics I had such a difficult time. I was trying to stay away from fabrics that would be to little girlish (not that I have a problem with little girlish but I was certain I wanted this for a gift and for a couple at that. I tend to be drawn to fabrics suited to little girls. I believe it’s from all my little girl clothing I’ve made for years!) I kept coming back to two blue fabrics that had just come in. Most of the ladies were selecting quite an assortment of fabrics (five or six colors) and I kept wishing there were more fabrics that coordinated with the blues I liked.

I finally decided that I didn’t have to use many colors in my quilt. Once I’d gotten that through my thick skull I started thinking of ways to adapt what I had going on in my head to using two fabrics with white. I admit, I love the clean, simple look of this.

singingtheblues_1      singingtheblues_3

I used one of the blue fabrics with white for the nine patches, the other for the cornerstones, with all white sashing. I then repeated the nine patch fabric in the border and the cornerstone fabric for the binding (hello – polka dots! I love polka dot binding!!)


And, since I’m only using three fabrics I repeated the main fabric for the backing.


Very simple. Pretty plain. I like it though. I think it has a nice, calm look to it. I actually plan to do a few simpler quilts, with less fabrics in the future. Helps get me out of a box. I tend to like mixing lots and lots of fabrics so it’s good to step out of my comfort zone and change things up a bit.

Quilt Stack


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