A Quilt Story

Share My Quilt With You, I Will


Meet Shiloh, my amazing 16 year old daughter. My sewing friends may not even know I have an older daughter. Alas, she’s not crazy about being photographed and has very little interest in anything I sew. She is however, amazingly talented. I know what you are thinking. All mom’s think their children are the most talented children ever. Shiloh, however, was accepted this year into our state’s art high school. She was accepted in two disciplines…as a visual artist and a literary artist. She has chosen to attend as a literary. This kid can write poems, plays…oh, and did I mention she can draw and paint as well?

2013-10-12 19.59.31


As excited as we were that she was accepted there is a major drawback. She now lives 2 hours away from us in a dormitory! We spent the summer getting ready to furnish a dorm room…which means she needed a quilt.

Shiloh is incredibly picky about what she likes so I took her fabric shopping to select the fabrics for her quilt. When she saw a Star Wars panel design she decided that she must have a Star Wars quilt. I helped her select some fabrics to match it. We chose a few batik prints that coordinated and we were set!

I decided on a simple design (surprise, surprise!) of pinwheel blocks between the squares from the panels. (Sorry – I never did get a picture of the fabrics before we started cutting!) I spent one day making a stack of half square triangles for the pinwheels out of a few batiks – and orange and one that mimicked planets. My other two children were amazed at the designs that could be made out of half square triangles and spent a large portion of the day making their own designs. Looks like I have some future quilters!

2014-07-08 14.47.01 2014-07-08 14.22.17

2014-07-08 11.58.21 2014-07-08 12.23.56

Unfortunately, the squares on the panel did not leave enough fabric for a seam allowance. (Seriously, who designs this stuff?? No seam allowance??) I decided to applique the squares to black squares to keep the look I was going for. I did a shabby applique with a straight stitch and just left the edges of the squares raw. I trimmed my pinwheel blocks with a thin purple batik border.

Here’s the finished quilt. All Star Wars-y and nerdy enough for a picky 16 year old artist!

2014-08-02 19.03.22


Shiloh was finally happy with something I made! Yay!

Here are a few close-ups…

2014-08-02 19.02.03  2014-08-02 19.02.05


My other children and my husband were jealous (I live with nerds a plenty!) If this quilt were not leaving my house, there would likely be many fights over it!

2014-08-02 19.04.15

And if you happen to be a fellow Star Wars fans, I leave you with a favorite link of my family. Oh, and this one! Enjoy!! And may the force be with you!



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