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Aspiring Designer: Serger Pepper and My New Favorite Pattern!!

Over on the Pattern Revolution page I’ve been following the Aspiring Designer Blog Tour. Well today, the Aspiring Designer is Irene from Serger Pepper and I was lucky enough to test her pattern out. I have to tell you, although my daughter has been  a ruffle and frill kind of girl, recently we are obsessed with knits. I’ve also been trying to find patterns that are a little less baby girlish as she’s getting older, things she can wear comfortably to school, and outfits for playing. This new pattern was just what we were needing!


The Serger Pepper Everyday Tank, Midi and Maxi dress is an amazing pattern. It sews up quickly (I think I made it in an hour!) I chose to make the midi length dress. I used some of that fun ruffle knit from Hobby Lobby as the front panels and regular gray, 4 way stretch solid from the Purple Seamstress (my favorite place to purchase knit) for the side panels. I love the way it turned out! My daughter was in bed so I patiently waited for her to wake up the next day ran to her room and while she was in a deep sleep managed to wiggle her into the dress so I could see it on her! Yeah, sadly I’m that kinda of mom. 

Fortunately, I did not make her get up for a photo shoot at 2:00 in the morning (the lighting was bad, you know?) We did however, schedule one with my favorite photographer, Jennifer Jones, the next day. 



Rebekah is in love with this dress. When she first put it on (when she was conscious, anyway) her response was, “Can I wear this dress forever?” She wanted to sleep in it! She wore it to school and it was great for PE and recess! So comfy!



I loved how quickly is sewed up, the ease of getting her ready (because lets face it ladies, some of the cute adorableness that we make our daughters takes forever to get tied, buttoned, fluffed out, etc. Rebekah had this dress on in under a minute and was looking amazing! ), and the versatility of the pattern (three length options, several binding options, various hemming options, optional pockets). Oh!! And did I mention that I made this dress without a serger? The pattern gives instructions for stitches to use with a regular sewing machine so you can do this…even if you’ve never sewn with knits! 



Now that I’ve completed the midi dress, I plan to sew up the tank and maxi options as well. Some of the other testers had some amazing up-cycle versions and I’m planning to go find some amazing t-shirts to play around with!  

If you are looking to purchase the Everyday Tank here’s the link! Use the code EVERYDAYTANK25 for 25% off!!

You are going to want to fill your closet with this! 




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