A Quilt Story

Rainy Days Quilt

I’m so far behind posting about some of my favorite handmade creations but I had to share my latest quilt with you guys. Now, here’s the best part…I seriously think this is the easiest quilt I have ever made. And let’s face it…I pretty much only make easy quilts.

And the best part …oh wait, did I say that already? Okay, the other best part is that it is freakin’ adorable!! 


Now, I know you are wondering where to get your hot little hands on this pattern, and I’m actually anxious to tell you myself. This quilt pattern is in the latest edition of the One Thimble eZine. You can purchase the entire magazine here which is what I suggest. It was designed by Horris & Deedle and can be purchased alone right here

This pattern features an appliqued cloud and appliqued raindrops. It was a perfect scrapbusting quilt which is always nice. I always have so many scraps!


The pattern was well written and gave great details about the fun quilting design. Check out my awesome (although messy!) quilted clouds and raindrops!!


And…since I like backs of quilts as much as the front, I like to share what that looks like. 


The pattern includes a patchwork option for the back but this time, I chose to use a single fabric. This bright fabric has been calling my name for some time now. 

The pattern includes measurements to make a baby quilt but I extended the length so it would cover up an adult (um…me!) and plan to use it as a throw in my living room. I’ve now made seven quilts and this will be the first one we will actually be using in our house instead of giving as a gift!! Yay!! Below are a few more pictures of the quilt – including my daughter thoroughly enjoying it. 


Of course, Rebekah always has to test out the “cape”-abilities of the quilt!


This one passed with flying colors!! 

So, if you have been considering a quilt, but are worried about the time investment,or that it’s going to be too difficult, or that you don’t want to spend a fortune of fabrics, this is the quilt for you! Use scraps to complete this quilt in a weekend! You won’t regret it.

Hopefully,  I’ll be back soon with two more reviews from this edition of One Thimble!

P.S. Click on the picture below to get your very own copy of the 4th Edition of One Thimble!

Issue 4 Cover One Thimble

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