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Izzy & Ivy – a PDF Pattern Company with some seriously yummy patterns

Okay, I have to admit, Izzy & Ivy are one of my favorite pattern designers. Lucky for me, they graciously let me test some of their patterns before they put them in PDF form so I get to try them out before they are released.  Well, I’m sure some of you smarty pants ladies knew they were awesome back when they only did paper patterns and already have most of these amazing patterns. Here are a few of my favorite designs of Izzy & Ivy!

The Pippa Coat – yeah. Gorgeous, right? Such a sweet coat! Gotta love the button detail on this and the lapel! Oh that lapel!! Anyway, this was  such a GREAT jacket for our southern winters. Perfect for days that need an extra layer but not lots of insulation. This jacket lasted us well into the spring and I just adored this tailored look on my daughter.

2014-01-12 04.28.52-2

The Tallulah. Oh my goodness…the Tallulah. I may or may not have made a bazillion of these (or three at least. Which is the equivalent of a bazillion when you own as many patterns as I do. I make so many I rarely do repeats!) They were the perfect school shirt for our unusually cool winter this year. Definitely a staple for any little girls closet. I chose to make this pattern with a knit top and woven skirt (as well as cuffs and trim) but you can actually mix this up to be all knit, all woven, or a combo. Lots of options.

2014-01-12 04.08.33

2014-01-12 04.21.09

2014-01-12 04.16.30

And, well, Evie is the perfect dress for Springtime! It also is my daughter’s current favorite dress. She kinda rocks it too! Oh, just like the Tallulah, this dress combines knit fabric with wovens…which I believe is a match made in heaven. Nice comfy knit tops with skirts in all the fun colorful prints you can get in wovens. Perfection! The stripwork skirt gives you lots of freedom to play with fun fabric combinations and the sweet little ruffle adds the perfect touch of feminine charm! The buttons on the bodice  and tie in the front are just a few more sweet details that just pull this together as one gorgeous dress. I may or may not be swooning over it still…

2014-01-12 04.34.28

And the last dress I tested for Izzy and Ivy is the sweet Emory. Another great spring/summer dress – which were were so ready for when this came out. Oy! I’ll be okay with never having a long winter again. (And yes, I know, I’m a big southern winter baby but hey, it is what it is!) Love the pockets on this dress – and so does my daughter. Perfect place for all those treasures little girls love to collect, like seashells, rocks, flowers, Legos, crayons. This dress comes with a few options for added details like lace, ric rac and/or that sweet crochet bias tape that everyone’s been drooling over these days. I chose to add bias tape in the hem band of this skirt for a fun pop of yellow.


And the very newest PDF pattern from Izzy & Ivy is the super sweet Beverly Belle tunic. This dress is a re-do of one of their former paper patterns but if you are a PDF girl (and I’m a total PDF girl) you will be happy to see it is now available in that version! Oh, how I love the fit and drape of this tunic. And oh, how it made my daughter want to twirl. She was a twirling riot in this dress!! The swirls on this top just make it twirl almost before the girls begin twirling. It’s a great tunic to play around with fun fabrics. You can do it all in one fabric, two, or many! I chose the line I’m most currently obsessed with, Moda’s April Showers to feature in this mass of swirlyness!

AS_BB Collage




So yeah. I’m kinda  a big fan. 🙂

But that being said, if you haven’t gotten any Izzy & Ivy patterns yet, well, now is the time. They are really very well written patterns for confident beginners to intermediate seamstresses. The ladies behind Izzy & Ivy are also very helpful and happy to walk you through any issues you may have. Now, all I have to do next is decide if my next project is going to be an Evie or a Beverly. Sheesh. Such hard choices!


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