A Quilt Story

Sweet Serenade Stitch and Slice Zigzag Quilt

It’s been a little while since I finished this, my second quilt. It’s a gift for a family member but since my blog is rather teensy I feel like it’s fairly safe to post.

My husband comes from a very musical family. It’s really a lot of fun to hear them all sing – and Happy Birthday around my in-laws house is unlike Happy Birthday anywhere else – with 8 part harmonies. Just beautiful. Of course, it means I have to sing real quiet to keep from messing it up but it’s awfully fun to listen to.

My mother-in-law has been choir director and now works alongside another choir director at the church she attends. She plays the flute. She sings like an angel. Her and her children sing together on a regular basis. She loves all things musical.

She also decorates in earth tones.

When I saw the fabric line, Sweet Serenade, by Basic Grey, I knew I had to make her something out of it. I ordered a fat quarter bundle immediately.

Not long after, I ran up to my local fabric shop, The Fabric Dock, to join in a jelly roll quilt class. I’d done a few jelly roll quilts already and was just joining in for fun. When I got there, I saw she had jelly rolls in Sweet Serenade (woo hoo!) and decided to go ahead and start the quilt for my mother-in-law, since I had no plan for a quilt and no plan for the class. I’d recently seen the quilt, Stitch an Slice Zigzag, in the Quilting Quickly magazine and liked the look of it. I did not follow the pattern precisely but was inspired to take my jelly roll quilt top and slice it per pattern instructions to create my quilt.


(Yeah, it’s off, I know. Don’t judge my wonky zig zag!) I used my fat quarter bundle to piece back and binding and voila! My quilt is done!


Anyway, I really love it, even if it’s not perfect! Here is my Rebekah loving it too!!






Now…to get my stuff together for a few more quilts for Christmas. I have some fun stuff planned for my parents and some babies coming this year!


4 thoughts on “Sweet Serenade Stitch and Slice Zigzag Quilt”

  1. It’s so lovely, I have always want to give quilt making a go, but it just seems so daunting. For now I just admire the work of others…..and pin them just in case!


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