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sweet charlotte and spring is on the way

Well hello there!

In case you do not know me, I’m Bethany. I’m a fairly distractable, creative type person, born and raised in the  deep south, country girl. By day, I’m a public school librarian. By night I’m the mother of three kids, two step-kids (16, 13, 13, 10, and 7) and wife of an over the road trucker that is gone most of the time. When my kids do not have me running around from place to place I like to sew and do other crafty activities. Sewing has been what I’ve spent  most of my crafty time doing over the last several years. I really became interested in sewing children’s clothing and have mostly focused on that. My facebook page is Wildflower Child and occasionally I sell my product there. Lately, however,  I’ve become rather taken with quilting.

Now, let’s talk quilting a bit. I may be able to whip out girls dresses like there’s no tomorrow but quilting has intimidated me for quite some time. I’ve been going to quilt for ages and all I managed to ever do was three little rag throws. (I did rather love my rag throws though!)My father took me to visit an aunt of his recently to drool over peruse her amazing quilt collection. That combined with some encouragement from the owner of my favorite little quilt shop, The Fabric Dock, and her wonderful Girl’s Nights Out, I finally took the plunge, started and finished a few quilt tops.

Not long after, I read my very first copy of One Thimble eZine. One Thimble is a great little read for someone like me that loves to get patterns for children’s clothes but has begun to dabble in the quilting world. I took one look at the Sweet Charlotte Quilt pattern and new I had to try it! It was simple squares and four patches with precious bird appliques.

Now, remember guys, I’m a total quilting newb. I’ve completed three quilt tops prior to this project and finished ZERO (did you catch that?) quilts. None. Nada. This project, when completed, was my very first quilt to complete! Super exciting and super intimidating!

Fortunately, this was a well written pattern with lots of details and explanations so it was easy to understand. Oh, and did I mention the precious birds? The birds are swoonworthy!


This winter has been such a drag. I will never complain about not having real winters EVER again! I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and am accustomed to mild winters. Generally, if the weather is cold here that means tomorrow will be warm. This year we actually had ice storms! (Kudos to you ladies who have real winters EVERY year. I’m not cut out for that!) Anyway, I’ve been dreaming in spring for some time now so decided that although the gorgeous pinks, grays and aquas from the issue of One Thimble were divine, I needed something that spoke of spring! I hit up the fabric shop and came out with an assortment of pinks, lime greens and orange to help herald in our approaching spring!

SweetCharlotte8   SweetCharlotte2

Although the flowers aren’t blooming yet and the grass is just barely beginning to turn green, our Sweet Charlotte Quilt has added a touch of spring along with some much anticipated warmer weather!

SweetCharlotte5   SweetCharlotte6



One of my favorite things about this quilt is the patchwork option for the back of the quilt. It is such a sweet touch – really makes is stand out! My girls love the pretty patches on the back as much as they love the patches and sweet birds on the front. I happen to like their dirty little toes (and the fact that it’s warm enough for them to be running around without shoes!)



This pattern also calls for a sweet ruffle frill around the border but I opted out of that. This quilt will be for my girls and will likely be washed many, many times. I do believe the ruffle frill is extra sweet though and would be a lovely addition to the quilt. I hope to make more of these and will probably incorporate that into a future quilt.

I have plans to make another Sweet Charlotte Quilt in the future. I’m going to be an aunt to a new nephew this summer…couldn’t you just see this quilt with sailboats instead of birds? With blues, yellows and reds as the colors? I can too!!

Until then, we are going to enjoy our spring and our Sweet Charlotte Quilt!



9 thoughts on “sweet charlotte and spring is on the way”

  1. So proud of you, Bethany!!! This is so moving….really enjoyed it!!! You are so very talented and I look forward to reading more…..continue to post more of the sweet pics!!


  2. Hi Bethany, Thanks for sending out your letter. I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially your daughter’s feet sticking out from under your quilt! I got a big laugh out of it this morning at breakfast!

    I’ve done a wall quilt but am concentrating on kid’s clothes right now. I, too, purchased both of One Thimble’s magazines and am still reading them. She is an amazing girl to be able to put out such a top notch e-zine!!

    Keep plugging away and feel free to send out updates about your ventures! May I suggest you start writing a blog! I would subscribe as I enjoyed your writing style and cute pictures.

    God Bless You and Your Family!


    Sent from my iPhone5/Debbie Culver



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